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Thailand Border Crossing Fee

Often Thailand Border Crossing Fee is misinterpreted. Some still think this is TEA MONEY! that one needs to pay. Please note the border crossing fee has been in place for years but it was not recorded properly and therefore, the money received was not declared back to their government due to some of the dishonest officials.

Previously, you are not given a receipt and this usually goes into their staff pocket (yes, the RM2-3 that you keep in your passport and hand it over to them is illegal!).

Now the rule has been improved, you will need to pay a small (Overtime) fee to get your passport stamped if you cross into Thailand using a vehicle on non-standard hours and you will get an official receipt for it. NO MORE TEA MONEY!

Thailand Border Crossing Fee For Vehicle
Thailand Border Crossing Fees

Overtime Timing

You are ONLY required to pay the Overtime fee when you cross into Thailand Between the time below (add 1 hour if you’re using Malaysian time).

  • 05:00-08:30
  • 12:00-13:00
  • 16:30-23:00
  • All day on Weekends
  • All day on Malaysia & Thailand Public Holiday(s)

IMPORTANT: If you are crossing into Thai other than the time stated above, it is FREE. I’ve crossed into Thai during working hours at  1430 on a weekday using my motorcycle and I didn’t have to pay anything! Also, the fee only applies to those who are driving their vehicle into Thai. If you’re on a public bus/walk-in, you are NOT required to pay any fee regardless of the time.

Note for Car: You pay when you’re stamping your passport at the drive-through immigration counter. (If there is no drive-through counter, you pay at the immigration complex)

Note for Motorcycle: If they don’t have a motorcycle lane opened, you will need to pay at the Thai immigration complex (usually behind counter#1). Once you paid and get the receipt, you can then proceed to stamp your passport. (No receipt – No stamp on passport)

Fee Pricing

For Motorcycle: If you ride alone, you will need to pay THB10 and an additional THB3 if you have a passenger. (Sample receipt below)

For Car: If you drive alone, you will need to pay THB25 and an additional THB5 per passenger.

Thai Border Crossing Fee For Vehicle
Thailand Border Crossing Motorcycle Fee receipt
Thailand Border Crossing Motorcycle Fee receipt

P/s: My experience was at Dannok (Sadao) border and they seem to be following the rule. However, different borders may not issue you an official receipt but hopefully, the rules will be followed accordingly and implemented on all Thai borders.

Accepted Currency

Thai baht most the time but they’ll just accept Ringgit Malaysia if you don’t have Thai Baht. (Try your luck)

What is the fee for?

To prevent (reduce) corruption and to generate income with being recorded. Previously the officers don’t give you a receipt for the fee you paid and it often goes into their pocket. With this rule being enforced, the money can now be channeled to their government and improve their border services.

Procedures to cross into Thailand

Malaysia – Thailand Border Crossing By Car Or Motorcycle

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