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Best Motorcycle Routes In Malaysia

As I’ve ridden the whole of Malaysia now, I’ll share about the best motorcycle routes in Malaysia that one can enjoy.

Please note this is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an idea of the routes that you can ride and they are just based on my personal experience.

Also, I’ve named the routes in this post to make it appealing and they are not official.

Malaysia is divided by the West (Peninsula) and the East (Borneo) region and it offers one of the best riding experiences in South East Asia. If you’re just like me who enjoys beautiful landscape, winding mountain roads, a mix of high speed and slow roads, this is the post for you.

The starting points may not be at where you’re located but you can start from anywhere you wish and just modify the routes accordingly. Before we dive into the details, let’s learn a little bit of riding in Malaysia.

Best Motorcycle Routes In Malaysia
Blue text on the map indicates the States of Malaysia

The Numbers

According to research data, 83 % of households in Malaysia owns a motorcycle. Yes, the motorcycle community/groups here is huge and despite the higher motorcycle prices, Malaysia has more big bikes than any other South East Nations.

Just ride along the PLUS expressway from KL to Bukit Kayu Hitam (or to Johor Bahru), you’ll see hundreds of big bikes along the stretch especially on weekends.

Local Culture

It’s quite common for the local riders to go for a day trip of 300-500 KM and often, they’ll have “Teh Tarik Session (TTS)”, which is an occasion for gathering where they bond and plan/share their experience while having a hot cup of milk tea. (not necessarily tea)

Malaysian riders are generally friendly and easy to make friends with. Just stop for a break at any of the major highways, cafeteria, or spots where they gather, I am sure if you smile and wave your hands, they’ll approach you to have a chat.

Most of the Malaysian can speak good English and if you need any help or information, just ask and they’ll try their best or get someone to assist you, provided is within their capacity.

Riding In Malaysia

Generally, the roads users in Malaysian are good BUT, you may see some id**ts switching lanes without giving a signal. Riding defensively would be good to avoid an accident.

On another note, I would suggest that you ride during daylight as some areas can be really dark in the evening. I usually ride early in the morning and end my trip just before daylight runs out. (7 PM in Peninsula & 6 PM in Borneo)

Road Condition

Malaysia has one of the best road networks in the region and the quality of the roads are generally good especially when you’re riding on highways.

Planning Your Trip

Planning is the most important thing you will need to do if you want to enjoy the ride. Having a motorcycle trip checklist may help and you will need to avoid riding during local public holidays as some places can be very crowded, hotels may be fully booked and the traffic can be insane!

Riding Gears

I can’t stress enough, safety shouldn’t be compromised and please ensure you’re properly geared up with a proper helmet, pants, jacket, boots and gloves. Don’t forget to inspect your motorcycle too!

The Weather

The weather can be unpredictable especially riding in the mountains area like Cameron Highland, Fraser hill etc. Check the weather forecast before you ride and it can be also very hot if you’re not accustomed to tropical weather.

Always bring along raincoat with you and if you have to stop, NEVER take shelter under a bridge and/or road shoulder as there are few accidents happened involving motorcyclists. You can find a safe spot easily like the cafe, shops etc to stop along the routes.

12 motorcycle hit under the bridge
12 motorcycle hit under the bridge

The Peninsular Malaysia Routes

Now that you have learned a little bit about riding in Malaysia, check out my recommended routes.

Route 185 Jeli – Gerik – Baling – Penang

Talk about winding roads, this is one of the best route that you must try and it can be tiring but worth the trip!

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 526 KM +/-
  • Routes: Ipoh – Blue Valley – Gua Musang – Dabong – Jeli – Baling – Penang
  • POI: Landscapes along the routes and foods in Penang Island.

Ulu Yam – Genting Loop

Breakfast Ride Malaysia

This is my favourite weekend route and I usually ride for breakfast and be back home by lunch. The roads are twisty and if you don’t have much time to ride, this would be your quick “weekend ride fix”.

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 107 KM +/-
  • Routes: KL – Ulu Yam – Batang Kali – Gohtong – Karak Highway – KL
  • Suggestion: If you’re into non-halal, you can try the breakfast at the Weng Heng restaurant at Ulu Yam and/or Nan Yang Kopitiam at Gohtong. You can meet quite numbers of riders at both of these places during weekends.

Fraser – Genting Loop

Half Day Lean

Enjoy riding two cold hills which you can make it one for breakfast and the other for lunch time.

Ulu Yam – Gedangsa Soeharto Loop

If you’re up for 200+ KM Ride, I would suggest that you try this route. Riding through Felda estates offer one of the best scenery and also some fun corners along the way.

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 200 KM +/-
  • Routes: KL – Ulu Yam – KKB – Kerling – Felda Gedangsa – Felda Soeharto – Batu Arang – KL
Weekend Ride | Ulu Yam - Felda Gedangsa Loop

Ulu Yam – Gedangsa Sekinchan Loop

In this loop, you will bypass Felda Soeharto and go straight to Sungai Besar an enroute to long stretch of Terusan Utama street. If you like more green sightseeing, this is the loop I would recommend as you will be riding just next to paddy fields and rivers.

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 250 KM +/-
  • Routes: KL – Ulu Yam – KKB – Kerling – Felda Gedangsa – Sg. Besar – Jalan Terusan Utama (Sg Tenggi Sekinchan) – Bestari Jaya – Batu Arang – KL

Cameron Highlands – Sungai Koyan Loop

Popular motorcycle riding Loop

This is one of the popular route as it comes with mix of riding on expressway and the twisty 185, 181 & 102 Routes.

Kuala Klawang International Circuit (KKIC)

Kuala Klawang International Circuit (KKIC)

First of all, it’s not a circuit. The local riders named this place as a circuit because the corners are like a track. The red lines (N32 & B32 route) on the map is the KKIC, which is about 40 KM long and it has about 231 corners.

This route has long series of wonderful dependable curves, beautiful country road style on B19 to Simpang Peras before heading into KKIC route. (N32 & B32 route).

Tips: Go there by 07:00 AM so you would not have problems with traffic and don’t wait till 08:00, you will be swarmed by bicycles or until 09:00 when you see more motorcycles. At Kuala Klawang, you can either continue to Karak and en route to KL or go towards Kuala Pilah and ride back to KL via PLUS highway.

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 58 KM +/-
  • Routes: Hulu Langat – Simpang Peras – Titi – Kuala Klawang

Kuala Klawang – Karak Loop

Kuala Klawang loop

Skip the Kuala Klawang International Circuit (KKIC) and ride in a loop to enjoy beautiful landscape along Kampung (Village) roads.

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 263 KM +/-
  • Routes: KL- Kuala Klawang – Simpang Durian – Karak- KL

Klawang – Muadzam – Karak Loop

Endurance loop

West Coast Ride

West Coast Ride
  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 520 KM +/-
  • Routes: KL – Kg Gajah – Pasir Salak – Pantai Remis – Pasir Panjang – Teluk Rubiah – Sekinchan – KL
  • POI: Landscapes along the routes and beaches

East Coast Ride

East Coast Ride
  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 694 KM +/-
  • Routes: Kuantan -Temerloh -Kuala Lipis – Gua Musang – Kuala Berang – Kuantan
  • POI: Kenyir Lake, Gua Musang

1000 Corners Malaysia

1000 Corners Malaysia

This loop is close to 600km long and it covers the Pahang’s state hills including Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands. More information about this loop can be found in my 1000 Corners of Malaysia ride report.

Check out the video highlights of my trip.

Thousand Corner Malaysia - Pahang's Hills Loop

The Borneo Malaysia Routes

Cat City Loop

Cat City Loop

Learn about the natives at the Sarawak cultural village and also enjoy Mount Santubong view along the route. You can also do shopping at Serikin Market (weekends only) which is located close to the Malaysian-Indonesian border.

  • Map: Google Link
  • Distance: 388 KM +/-
  • Routes: Kuching – Kampung Budaya Sarawak – Telok Melano – Bau – Serikin – Siniawan – Kuching
  • POI: Sarawak Cultural Village, 0KM Telok Melano, Fairy Cave in Bau – Serikin & Siniawan Markets.

Kinabalu Loop

Kinabalu Loop

This is my favourite loop in Sabah because not only you can enjoy the Mount Kinabalu view along the route but also the Marak – Parak road which has about 80+KM long twisty corners. Check out the video below.

Marak-Parak Road (Sabah)

Kimanis – Mount Alab Loop

Kimanis - Mount Alab Loop

Ride along the steepest road in Malaysia, the Kimanis-Keningau highway ranging from 10% to about 25% steep gradients along the Crocker Range National Park followed by the longest straight road in Malaysia, Jalan Apin-Apin Keningau which is about 20KM long. You will also ride past Mount Alab which can be cold and misty.

Kimanis – Keningau highway
Jalan Apin-Apin – Image by Nelson Michael

Kimanis – Kundasang Loop

Kimanis - Kundasang Loop

Quite similar to the Kimanis – Mount Alab Loop, you will skip Mount Alab on this route and ride towards Ranau from Tambunan followed by en route to Kundasang.

Whilst one of my trips to Sabah, I rented a 125CC Honda Wave motorcycle and did this Loop.

Kimanis-Kundasang Loop video highlights:

Sabah - Day Road Trip

Exploring Malaysia

If you would like to spend a few weeks riding in Malaysia to enjoy the scenery, food, beaches, caves etc, I would suggest that you read up on my Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Malaysia ride reports.

Peninsula Malaysia Ride
Peninsula Malaysia Ride
Borneo Malaysia Ride
Borneo Malaysia Ride

Final Say

Riding a motorcycle can be both fun and dangerous. Follow the road laws, ride defensively and if you’re tired, take REST. Remember, extreme fatigue attacks a rider’s mental ability and muscular coordination which can be fatal.

I believe Malaysia has so much potential to grow in tourism but “some” people are just warming their seats. Let’s do this together, promote local places on your social media account(s), share the words around and be part of this wonderful journey while you enjoy the ride.

That’s it! Go and enjoy the best motorcycle routes in Malaysia. If you have any other suggestions for the routes, let me know.

Have you tried any of the routes above? did you enjoy it? share your experience via the comment box below.

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Sorry, accidentally press wrongly. Hi Chris, thank you for the sharing! Really appreciate for the write up. I’m a beginner and just started riding. Which routes would you suggest?


Dear; Thanks for your nice website and good information. 1) I want to make a motorcycle route in West Malaysia where I have a good impression of the diversity of the country. I want to drive along beautiful landscapes, country side and beautiful nature as much as possible and avoid busy cities and tourist places as much as possible. Which route can you recommend me? 2) Do you know a scooter rental in Kuala Lumpur where I can get out of the center with the scooter to explore the country? Thanks for answer.


KKIC closed atm, road washed out a couple months ago

Peng Wah

Hi Chris, thank you for your sharing. I am very keen to do a Borneo ride. Could you share the places you have stayed during your ride there? Secured parking for motorcycle? Thank you.

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