Peninsular Malaysia Road Trip Exploration: Chapter 1

Peninsular Malaysia also known as West Malaysia, is the part of Malaysia that lies on the Malay Peninsula and surrounding islands.

I’ve ridden the Malay Peninsula twice at this point. In this article, I will share the first chapter of my peninsular Malaysia motorcycle ride. You can also read my peninsular Malaysia Chapter 2 later on.

The Map

peninsular malaysia ride
Peninsular Malaysia States

Below is the map of the states/routes that I’ve ridden.

Peninsular Malaysia Ride - My Beautiful Country
Peninsular Malaysia Ride Routes

Roads Less Travelled

I’ve been avoiding as many highways as possible and explored Peninsular Malaysia via the old / country roads. I always believe in the roads less travelled are the roads one should explore 🙂

As the Malay proverb says Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri which means It may rain gold in someone else’s country, and be hailing stones back in your own country, and yet it is still best to be back in your own country.  Yes! it is best to ride in your own country!

Travel Log

Day 1 Routes (494 KM) | KL – Port Dickson – Melaka – Sungai Rambai – Parit Jawa- Muar – Batu Pahat – Pontian Kecil – Kukup – Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia (Johor) – Johor Bharu.

Accommodation in Johor Bharu: Haistar Homestay NL1 | RM 75.00/Night

Day 2 Routes (490 KM) | – JB – Desaru – Penggerang – Renggit – Kota Tinggi – Mersing – Endau – Kuala Rompin – Pekan – Teluk Cempedak – Kuantan

Accommodation in Kuantan: EZ GuestHouse | RM 80.00/Night (walk in)

Day 3 Routes (419 KM) | Kuantan – Chukai – Kijal – Kemasik – Kerteh – Paka – Dungun – Marang – Kuala Terengganu – Setiu – Jerteh – Besut – Tok Bali – Bachok – Kota Bharu.

Accommodation in Kota Bharu: Flora Place Hotel | RM 76.00/Night

Day 4 Routes (426 KM) | Kota Bahru – Wakaf Bahru – Rantau Panjang – Ayer Lanas – Jeli – Banjaran Titiwangsa – Grik – Pengkalan Hulu – Baling – Sik – Gurun – Bukit Kayu Hitam – Changlun.

Accommodation in Changlun: T Hotel Changlun | RM 85.00/Night

Day 5 Routes (198 KM) | Changlun – Padang Besar – Wang Kelian – Kaki Bukit – Kuala Perlis – Langkawi – Gunung Raya – Pantai Cenang.

Accommodation in Langkawi: Shell Out Chalet | RM 90.00/Night

Day 6 Routes (209 KM) | Langkawi – Kuala Perlis – Ayer Hitam – Penaga – Alor Setar – Kuala Muda – Bukit Mertajam – Georgetown.

Accommodation in GeorgeTown: Hutton Lodge | RM 75.00/Night

Day 7 Routes (483 KM) | Georgetown – Kuala Kangsar – Batu Gajah – Tanjung Tualang – Teluk Intan – Sabak Bernam – Sekinchan – Kuala Selangor – Rawang – Kuala Lumpur.

  • Total Mileage: 2823 KMs (Inclusive of sightseeing, going to restaurants, Off roads etc)
  • Total Fuel Cost: RM 285.00
  • Total Accommodation Cost: RM 481.00
  • Total Food Cost: RM 175.00 (RM25 X 7 Days)
  • Grand Total Cost: RM 941.00

Video Highlights

Some of the videos that I took along this ride are as per below:

Teluk Ramunia, Johor (Video)

YouTube video

Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan (Video)

YouTube video

Bukit Keluang, Terengganu (Video)

YouTube video

Gunung Raya, Langkawi (Video)

YouTube video

Questions & Answers

Any problems with your motorcycle?

I had a flat Tyre (front) at Padang Besar which I fixed it at the roadside and my front brake oil reservoir tank was empty but I managed to fill it up by purchasing DOT 4 brake fluid at Petronas.

Performance of the Benelli TRK 502?

Excellent! It has been good all the way. If you would like to read my review, click here.

Any other route you would recommend for a ride?

If you love corners, try Thousand corners of Malaysia.

How did you ship your motorcycle to Langkawi Island?

Detailed steps can be found here.

What are your luggage and tools like?

I’ve compiled a Motorcycle Travel Checklist and for most of my rides, I just follow my travel checklist and modify it accordingly to suit the trip.

How was the condition of Peninsular Malaysia roads?

Whilst most of the roads are Tarmac, some of the areas have quite a number of potholes but it is passable.

How do you manage to ride for long hours?

I sleep for at least 6 hours a day, I don’t eat heavily (less or no rice before and during the ride as I tend to be sleepy on a long hours ride), I take chocolates, bananas, bread, drink a lot of water and sometimes, energy drink helps.

Do you do any reservations in advance for your accommodation?

I usually reserve accommodation in advance but for this trip, I only reserve it (using the booking dot com app) when I arrived at the destination or decided to stop riding for the day. One of the factors that I consider to stay in a place is to have secured parking for my motorcycle. All the places that I’ve stayed have secured parking or at least someone keeping an eye on it.

Photo Gallery

Below are some pictures that I took along the route and if you wish to view the complete Photo Album, please click on this link.

Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Port Dickson’s Beach
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
World Heritage City – Mallaca
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia – Tanjung Piai
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Abonded Jetty at Teluk Ramunia
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Scenery at Kota Tinggi
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Petronas’ Oil Rig in Kerteh
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Crystal Mosque in Kuala Terengganu
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Relaxing at Penarik Beach in Terengganu
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Ride Malaysia Wording at the beach
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Hiking at Bukit Keluang in Besut, Terengganu
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Sungai Golok – My bike is in Malaysia and across the river is Thailand.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Beijing Mosque in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Titiwangsa Mountains
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Belum Forest
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Butterfly on my LS2 Helmet
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Beautiful morning ride to Padang Besar
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Rubber plantation in Kampung Batu, Sik.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
10KM hills ride in Wang Kelian reminds me the Mae Sariang to Pai Roads in Thailand.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Ride Malaysia
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Langkawi Island
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Icon of Langkawi Island – Eagle Square
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Langkawi Island
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
View from Gunung Raya in Langkawi
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Top of Gunung Raya in Langkawi
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Beautiful sunset at Langkawi Island
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Paddy field in Ayer Hitam
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Tsunami Memorial Monument. December 26th, 2004 marked a black memory to the residents because of the Tsunami that devastated 10 villages around Kuala Muda and the death toll estimated around 45 people.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Paddy field in Kuala Muda
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Mosque in Kuala Kangsar
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Sultan Azlan Shah’s Gallery
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Kellie’s Castle
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Palm Oil Plantation at Tg Belanja
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Menara Condong in Teluk Intan
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
The Kuala Selangor Lighthouse is formerly known as the Altingsburg Lighthouse. This majestic landmark was built in 1907 to replace the original one constructed by the Dutch some two centuries earlier when they conquered the area. It is a two stage tower with a concrete base and a cast iron gallery, and stands at 27m. It was used extensively during the British colonial period. Today its powerful beacon continues to guide ships on the Straits Of Malacca where its light is visible 18 nautical miles from the hilltop.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
A Monkey enjoying sunset in Kuala Selangor Lighthouse.
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
KLCC – Icon of Kuala Lumpur where I started and ended my Peninsular loop ride
Peninsular Malaysia Ride
Total Mileage travelled – 2823 KM (7939-5115KM)


It has been a great 7 days for me and I’ve really enjoyed riding around Peninsular Malaysia and I must say, most of the places that I’ve been to have fewer or no tourist and if you’re just like me and enjoys beautiful natural scenery, beaches, hiking, riding this loop would be one good adventure that one can look forward to.

That’s a wrap of my ride and I am looking forward to riding in Borneo (East Malaysia) in the future. If you had something on your mind, go for it, don’t let anything stop you but do proper planning, and research, have some basic troubleshooting/repair skills and most importantly, enjoy every second of your ride. The road is an open highway, go and explore them. It will be your story which will last forever.

Update: I’ve completed my Borneo Ride to complete riding in Malaysia. You might be also interested in reading about the best motorcycle routes in Malaysia.

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