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Langkawi RoRo Ferry

If you’re planning to ship your Car or Motorcycle to Langkawi via RoRo services, you can now do online booking and it is very easy.

Recently, I did peninsular Malaysia ride with my motorcycle and shipped my motorcycle in and out of Langkawi.

The steps are the same for any other vehicles which I’ll walk you through in this article.

Langkawi Roro Fare & Schedule

Shipping Car or Motorcycle To Langkawi via RoRo Ferry
Langkawi RoRo Ferry

You can check the Langkawi RoRo fare and the ferry schedule at the links below:

Fare Schedule (Fare is inclusive with the driver only)

Roro Schedule (Click on the Schedule tab at the menu bar for other months)

Getting Started

First of all, you will need to prepare the following;

  • Scanned copies of your Identity card (IC), vehicle registration card (VOC / Grant), Authorisation letter from the vehicle owner and his/her IC (If it is not yours) and save them in a PDF file(s).
  • You will need to bring along the vehicle registration card. (Photocopy is accepted)
  • Non Malaysian registered vehicle, you will need to get Malaysia Vehicle insurance.
  • Driver’s Contact Number
  • Details of Passenger (If any)
  • Booking can be done as early as 1 month or by 3 days before you enter Langkawi.
  • All vehicle needs to be at the holding area 2 hours before ferry departures for custom inspection.
  • If you haven’t purchased your return ticket, you will need to inform on your departure dates at the RoRo counter.

Note: I would also suggest that you make photocopies for all the documents.

Langkawi RoRo Online Booking Process

Once you’ve prepared the necessary documents, please follow the steps below to make online booking.

Route Selection

Go to Langkawi RoRo Ferry Website and select from where you will departure, dates, vehicle type and number of passenger (if any)

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Langkawi RoRo Ferry Route Selection

Next, scroll down the screen and click on Check Availability to see if the slot is available on the date(s) that you want to ship over your vehicle and click on Continue to proceed to the next steps.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Langkawi RoRo Ferry Availability

Enter Vehicle and Passenger details

In this section, you will need to enter your vehicle’s plate, chassis number, driver and passenger (if any) details. You are also required to upload the scanned documents of your vehicle registration card (VOC/Grant), Identity card/passport and click on Continue to proceed to the payment gateways.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Langkawi RoRo Ferry Vehicle & Driver Details


In the payment section, you will need to enter your personal details and click on Continue.  You will then be redirected to MOLPay payment gateway which you can use your Malaysian online banking services or pay directly via debit/credit card.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Payer’s details confirmation


Once your payment has been made successfully, you will get a booking confirmation screen. You will also get a confirmation via email which you need to print it out and present it while check-in. Your boarding pass / ticket will be issued when you present your booking confirmation at the RoRo check-in counter.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Booking Confirmation

Departure Day

On the day of departure, go to the Kuala Perlis Terminal, head straight to Langkawi Ro-Ro office and it is on the left side if you followed the map below.

Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal Google Map

Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal GPS Coordinates: 6.398438, 100.128306

Kuala Perlis RoRo Office

You will need to present them your boarding confirmation and they will issue you with a ticket as per below.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Langkawi RoRo Ferry Ticket

Next, just drive/ride your vehicle into the Ro-Ro ferry and one of the staff on the ship will ask for your ticket, just show it to them and they will guide on your parking slot on the ferry.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Langkawi RoRo Ferry

Motorcycle parking slot on the Ro-Ro ferry is usually on the sides.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Motorcycle Parking Slot

Once the Ro-Ro ferry is loaded, it will start crusing and it is usually on time.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
All other vehicles parking slots

At the upper deck, you can seat comfortably in an Air-conditioned room and there is a small cafeteria where you can buy your drinks, snacks etc.

Langkawi RoRo Ferry
Passengers seat

It willl take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes for the journey from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi and vice versa. At the destination, you just need to drive off into Langkawi and it is that simple.

Langkawi RoRo Contact

If you need to get hold of someone, you can contact them at their following offices.

kuala perlis Ro-Ro: +6 04-9854881
langkawi Ro-Ro :+6 04-9669881

Alternatively, you can also do the booking over the phone and email/fax all the relevant documents to;

Email: [email protected]
Fax: +6 04-9855880.

You will need to ask them for their bank details.

If you have any questions, please drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.


Despite it’s pricey to get into Langkawi with your vehicle, the process seems to be quite easy and straightforward.

Have you been to Langkawi? How was your experience?

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Anita Andritha

Hi we already booking in online go there also all passenger show ic or wat?

Iqbal Muhammad

Hi Chris, great write up and I’ve found your other articles to be very informative too. I would like to know if foreign bikers are able to get malaysian vehicle insurance on the spot at the ferry office or somewhere nearby?


I used this ferry service last year. In fact, it was around this time of year. I drove a foreign registered car. Uploaded all my documents, but no one needed to see them when I actually went on the ferry, only the booking confirmation. I also changed my booking to come back to Kuala Perlis one day later as soon as I arrived at the Langkawi port. This was done promptly and for free. I made a mistake when entering the cc of my car and overpaid slightly, but I guess this was made up for by being allowed to… Read more »