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Thailand – Cambodia Border Crossing

This Cambodia border crossing guide is based on my personal experience and it may not be the same for you as border-crossing rules changes from time to time.

Borders Information

Based on travellers, the easiest borders crossing into Cambodia from Thailand with foreign vehicles are as per below:

For other borders, the customs usually requires you to get a permit from Phnom Penh. Usually, when you arrive at the border, they will ask you to park your vehicle at the border and take a bus to Phnom Penh customs office and apply for a permit.

Once you’ve obtained it, you can then bring your vehicle into Cambodia.

Angkor wat temple

Note: For Chom Chom – / O’smach & Choam / Sa-Ngam borders, you will not be given a temporary vehicle import form as they don’t have a customs office at this border (I can’t see). Based on my friend who recently crossed via Phsar Phrum / Banpuggard, you will be given a temporary vehicle import form.

Cambodia Border Crossing Documents

UPDATE: Most Cambodian borders has now relaxed on their rules. Please ensure you have prepared both original and photocopies for the following documents which needs to be presented to the Cambodian Customs.

  • National Registration Identity Card (IC)
  • Frontpage of your passport
  • Vehicle registration card (Geran/VOC/Greenbook etc)
  • Road Tax (If any)

IMPORTANT: You will be given a temporary entry-exit form for your vehicle (Declaration Form). Do not lose this as you will need to return it to the Cambodian customs upon exiting from their country.

Here is what my experience like accessing into Cambodia via Chong Chom / O’smach border.

Thailand Border (Chong Chom)

  1. Parked my motorcycle.
  2. Stamp my passport at the immigration counter.
  3. Returned TM2 conveyance form at the counter.
  4. Returned Thai temporary vehicle import form at the customs counter.
  5. Ride towards Cambodia side.
Cambodia border crossing from Thai side
The border at Thailand side

Cambodia Border (O’smach)

  1. Parked my motorcycle.
  2. Stamped my passport at the immigration counter.
  3. Rode my bike toward the immigration checkpoint.
  4. Rode into Cambodia.

Note 1: For Visa (if needed), will need a passport photograph and it usually costs about 30-35USD. Also, there is no compulsory insurance available at the border and you can purchase it at the town/city. (Ride at your own risk).

Note 2: Please ensure you specified which border will you be exiting in your departure card.

Thailand - Cambodia Border Crossing By Car Or Motorcycle
The border at Cambodia side

Video Highlights

Thailand - Cambodia Border Crossing


Chris at Angkor wat
The Bayon is a richly decorated Khmer temple at Angkor in Cambodia.

My experience going in and out of Cambodia (Via O Smach/Phsar Phrum) was super easy. I’ve ridden through two Police roadblocks and they didn’t stop me.

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Pepper Lim

Great advice!

Adam Soong

Great read! I’m planing a similar trip, but thru to ho chi Minh City as well. Where do u normally find information about which crossing to go to?