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CIMB Overseas ATM Withdrawal

CIMB cross-border network has over 3,750 CIMB ATMs which can serve you throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

CIMB overseas withdrawal is FREE of charge and it can be very useful if you’re travelling into the 5 ASEAN countries they have services in.

How Do I Activate CIMB For International Banking?

CIMB Overseas Withdrawal Card Activation
Image: CIMB Bank

Before you do any CIMB ATM transactions overseas, you will need to activate your card for overseas usage before you travel. You can do so via the following channels:

The easiest way to activate overseas usage is via CIMB Clicks online and the steps are pretty straightforward.

Note: The steps outlined here are for CIMB Clicks Malaysia but the principle applies to all ASEAN CIMB Clicks.

First of all, you will need to ensure that your mobile phone is registered with CIMB and it is capable to receive TAC code via SMS. Next, go to CIMB Clicks and login into your account.

login into cimb clicks

Once you’ve logged into your account, click on Services at the top left followed by Overseas Spends & Withdrawal.

Overseas Spends & Withdrawal

Next, select your CIMB Bank ATM / Debit Card that you wish to activate.

Now, you should be given options to set the overseas withdrawal. You can set status to Temporary or Permanent and also the Duration. If you’re frequent traveler, you can set this option to permanent. Click on Submit once you’ve set the Status.

To confirm on the changes you’ve made, you will need to enter a 6 digit TAC code which will be send to your registered mobile number. Enter the TAC code and click on Confirm.

Once it indicates Successful, you can now withdraw cash at any CIMB ATMs ASEAN countries they have services in. If you want to disable this service, simply follow the steps above again and set the Status to Deactivate.

CIMB Overseas Withdrawal/Transaction Fee?

If you’re withdrawing from the CIMB ATM itself, there are no charges. i.e. It’s FREE. However, if you use your CIMB card on a non CIMB ATM, you will be charged RM8.48 per transaction for MEPS and RM10.60 per transaction for Mastercard.

For detailed charges and fee, you can refer here.

CIMB Overseas Exchange Rate?

The exchange rates are competitive and there is no commission charged to customers. To check on their exchange rates, click here.

At the CIMB currency exchange page,  select your currency and enter your desired amount. You will be able to see the current rates and you don’t have to click on Buy Now, just use this information as a guideline.

CIMB Debit Card For Overseas Shopping / Transaction

Before using your CIMB Debit Mastercard overseas transaction, please activate the overseas usage function via ATM at any one of their branches or get hold of their Contact Centre at +60 3-6204 7788.

You will be using the same 6-digit PIN for your overseas usage. For those countries that have not yet migrated to PIN will still require you to sign for verification in order to use your CIMB Debit Mastercard for payment.

Although the standard PIN in Malaysia has 6 digits, the standard in many overseas markets is 4 digit PIN. It is possible that if you travel overseas, you may encounter a problem using your CIMB Debit Mastercard at an overseas terminal if the terminal restricts PIN entry to 4 digits. If you encounter a terminal that restricts the entry of a PIN to 4 digits, then you have two choices:

  • Ask the Retailer to bypass the PIN entry and sign; or
  • If this is not possible, or the Retailer refuses to allow signature, then you must opt for a different payment method.

CIMB ASEAN ATMs / Branches Location

CIMB Thailand ATM Location
CIMB Malaysia ATM Location
CIMB Indonesia ATM Location
CIMB Singapore ATM Location
CIMB Cambodia ATM Location

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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if i activate overseas withdrawal. is this possible that can deposit also even if im in oyher countries?


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Hai.. why my cimb clicks dont have the option to select “overseas spends and withdrawal” under the accounts and card. The only thing there is the “direct debit authorization” option.


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