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8 Amazing Ways Which Technology Changed The Way We Travel

    There have been a lot of changes in the world due to technology. People are on the move, not just for travel, but also for work opportunities.

    The process of travel and travellers has progressed too. Therefore, it was important for the industry to transform at the traveller’s pace.

    Thus, technology came, not only to help enhance the industry but also to move towards sustainability in the current situation of the world.

    Artificial intelligence, smartphones, social media, e-payments, and so on have impacted and affected the way we travel in numerous ways.

    8 Amazing Ways Which Technology Changed The Way We Travel
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    Impacts Of Technology On Consumer Behaviour

    The expanding digital technology impacted consumer behavior, which in turn led to the expansion of the travel sector. Listed below are the common changes in consumer behavior:

    1. Consumers these days expect results immediately, be it booking a trip or any accommodation.
    2. They expect an uninterrupted experience while connecting with brands. E-mails, messaging, and video call apps have played a significant role in this.
    3. Customers give a positive response to these customized services and contents.

    Therefore, we can say that the development of technology is a result of these demands and changes in travel patterns.


    Sustainable & Less Time-Consuming Travel

    Gone are the days when we had to print a whole lot of documents before traveling – tickets, visa, hotel booking, identity proof, and whatnot. E-tickets not only save time that you would wait to get the ticket printed, but are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, there is no need to worry about leaving any document behind. Online reservations and bookings are a blessing for those who travel frequently. Moreover, it is convenient for senior citizens as they don’t have to stand in long queues to book their tickets.

    Less Luggage

    Books, iPods, etc. all causes of extra luggage, reduced to just 200 grams of happiness. Be it a phone, an iPad or Kindle to read books, technology has undoubtedly transformed the way we pack our luggage. Imagine carrying 5 kgs of extra luggage everywhere you go versus a lightweight gadget that could accommodate almost everything at your fingertips. Indeed, technology transformed the way we travel.

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    Language Differences

    For people traveling abroad, there has always been the issue of language. However, with the advancement in technology came apps like Google translate, which is accessible by anyone having a proper internet connection. It helps to translate whatever one wishes to say in a particular language. The introduction of Google pixel buds with in-built google translate made things much easier. It allows tourists to hear real-time translations while communicating with the locals. It can change more and enhance our travel experiences in the future.

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    With the increasing use of messaging apps, it only makes sense that flight operators and hotels provide an instant messaging service that answers commonly asked queries like rates, location, etc, within a few seconds. They establish these services through Facebook or their online portal. If the chatbot can’t answer any particular question, it hands over the issue to a human agent who resolves it.

    Never Get Lost On A Road Less Traveled

    With the increasing technology, how can we not talk about Google maps? It is the most innovative and life-saving app ever developed. You can shed away the fear of losing track of your destination with this app. It gives you real-time traffic updates and directions along the route. Road trips could never have been easier if not for this app.

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    So next time when you load your car roof rack for the road trip, don’t forget to activate the map, and explore the road less traveled.

    Go Cashless

    You cannot disagree with the fact that we all fear to carry large amounts of money when we travel, needless to say, the fear of fraud or theft is persistent too. But now, with the increasing use of cards and online banking, there is a reduced need for carrying cash everywhere. A credit card or online payment apps are convenient methods of payment nowadays and are entirely reliable and hassle-free.

    Staying Connected On The Go

    Remember when people used to go on trips, and we had to wait for any kind of written communication? Well, it’s different now. We are just a click away from all our loved ones. Instagram, Facebook, Skype, and numerous other messaging and video call apps help us keep others updated and lets them see the world through our lenses. We can now update pictures of wherever we go and ‘check-in’ into our location using Facebook. Talking to people was never easier. 

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    Online Reviews

    One of the most basic forms of information that we look for is online reviews. It can be about anything – the place that we plan to go to, the hotel that we intend to stay in, or the restaurant we want to go for dinner. Travelers these days depend on other’s advice to find the perfect activity or attraction.

    Crowdsourcing suggestions are a basic form of advice on the internet, and people trust what other’s say. If a place has regular customers or a decent following, then they consider it to be good and steers travelers from one place to another.


    Technology has touched every aspect of the travel process and industry. It swiftly continues to change the way people plan and travel. Ultimately, these changes make the industry better and will continue to improve with the coming of age. We should stay up-to-date with all the latest innovations coming ahead.

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