RoRo Shipping To East Malaysia

I was searching for a company to send my motorcycle to Kuching, Sarawak via Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) vessel for my Borneo ride trip. I found many companies who provides shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak and some are even cheaper but the reviews has been negative.

This article is created based on my solo Borneo Ride to explore the beautiful Malaysia.

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
Positive Pioneer Vessel
Positive Brave Vessel

Pos Malaysia Logistic

I’ve chosen Pos Malaysia Logistic as they have 30+ years in experience and I can also deal with them directly. i.e. No Agent / middle man involved. If you’re planning to ship your vehicle to East Malaysia or vice versa, you can use my article as a guideline. Apart from Pos Malaysia, the other company that you can use (seems to be cheaper) is GiGa Shipping.

Pos Malaysia Logistic uses three vessels and they are as per below:

  • (Malaysian Star) MS
  • (Positive Brave) PB
  • (Positive Pioneer) PP
Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
Pos Logistic Malaysia Sailing Map

Shipping Contact

The person who handled my booking was Mr Mohd Shamimy and his details are as per below:

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: +603 5121 9988 (Ext 636)
Handphone: +6 011 1317 6642

If you are interested, you can contact him directly via Whatsapp or if you can’t get hold of him, you can contact any of the Pos Malaysia logistic staff as per below:

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
Pos Malaysia Logistic Contacts

Type of services provided.

  • Door-to-Door (D2D), Door-to-Port (D2P), Port-to-Door (P2D) and Port-to-Port (P2P) car delivery services.
  • Strategic locations for drop off and pick up vehicles.
  • Carries passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles and motorcycles.

Getting Started

1. Contact any of the Pos Malaysia Logistic staff, he/she will provide you with the sailing schedule. You then pick a date that you want your vehicle to be shipped.

2. Once confirmed, you will need to provide them following documents; (Scan it)

  • Photocopy of Identity card (IC) / Passport
  • Photocopy of Vehicle Registration Card (VOC/Geran)
  • Bank Release letter (If your vehicle is still under loan)

3. At the appointed date, go to North Port Klang Vehicle Transit Centre (VTC) to send your Car or Motorcycle.

Note: If you using their Door-to-Door or Door-to-Port services, you don’t need to drive/ride your vehicle to the North Port as their staff will come and pick it up from you.

North Port VTC Google Map:

North Port VTC GPS Coornidates: 3.0406123,101.3617359

North Port VTC: Manual Map Download (From Main Entrance)

North Port VTC Person In Charge: Mr Riduwan – (+6016 321 8341 / +6019 666 4934)

Note: Once you’ve reached the North Port main entrance (Gate 1), you will need to register yourself and they’ll give you a visitor pass.

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
North Porth Klang Free Trade Zone

This is where you register yourself. Without a pass, you can’t access the VTC area to deliver your vehicle.

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
North Port Visitor Registration Counter

If you followed the Google Map or the Manual Map (From Main Entrance), you will arrive at the Pos Malaysia Logistic Vehicle Transit Centre (VTC).

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
Pos Logistic Vehicle Transit Centre

At this Vehicle Transit Centre (VTC), you will meet the person in charge and he will do a final check on your vehicle to see if there are any scratches, damages etc. and record it. Once it is done, you can hand over him/her your vehicle key. (They will need to drive into the RoRo Ship).

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak
Pos Malaysia Vehicle Transit Area

That’s it, you’re done!  Someone from the VTC will provide you with a transport (free) to the main entrance area so you can return your pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It cost me about RM 1026 with GST and inclusive of Insurance. It will be cheaper if you opt-out insurance. Here is the breakdown of my shipping cost.

Vehicle Shipping price to Sabah/Sarawak and vice versa

The full RoRo Vessel rates can be found below:

RoRo Rates For Vehicle.

What does the (PC), (LC) mean at the RoRo rates table?

They categorized (PC) as a passenger car like 4×4 and Sedan. For SUV, they categorized it as a Light Commercial (LC) and for motorcycle, the rates are standard regardless the CC of it. For Heavy Machinery, they calculate based on the Size of it. (L x W x H).

How much does the Door to Door service cost?

It depends on the location of pick up, type of vehicle etc. Contact Pos Logistic staff for further information.

How long does it take for the RoRo ship to arrive at the destination?

Usually within 4-5 days.

How early do I need to deliver my vehicle at the transit area?

2 days before the sailing schedule or contact the person in charge for confirmation.

What does the insurance cover?

Damages to your vehicle beyond repair.

Can I use Pos Logistic service to send a vehicle from Sabah / Sarawak to Port Klang?

Yes, you can. Just contact any of their staff listed above.

Does Pos Malaysia Logistic offer Air Freight service?

Yes, they provide both Sea and Air Freight services.

Can I track my vehicle online?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Only Pos Malaysia Logistic staff has access to their tracking system. You will need to contact the person in charge for your vehicle to get updates.

Do they wrap the vehicle or put it in a container?

No, it’s a Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) service.

Can I be on the RoRo Ship/Vessel?

Only their staff are permitted to be on their ship.


I had good experience (overall) with Pos Malaysia and I would recommend them. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can opt for GMG service but I can’t review them as I haven’t tried their service yet.

Have you tried shipping your vehicle to east Malaysia? How was your experience?

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Roslan bin Wan Teh

How about returning? Is it same prices?

4rwey 4real

Hi Chriss, Sham here from Pos Logistics, just want to update my New contact number is 01113176642 the old number 016 is not in service anymore.. cheers


how about send car from kota kinabalu sabah to miri,please advice.tq

Dev Supp

Again you did not disappoint Chris. Your explanation is crystal clear and more importantly, your sense of sharing important information to the biking community is priceless. How is the bike secured on the vessel. Is it put into a container or tied down?