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Shipping Car / Motorcycle To Sabah And Sarawak

In this article, I will share the process on how you can send your car or motorcycle to Sabah and Sarawak (or vice versa) via Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) vessel using both of the providers I’ve used.

I have shipped my motorcycles twice to East Malaysia and have used two different providers, Giga Shipping and Pos Malaysia.

Shipping Car or Motorcycle To Sabah or Sarawak
Grand Vission Vessel

Giga Shipping (GMG)

Giga uses two vessels and they are Grand Vission and Straits Challenger.

Getting Started

Scan all the documents below and keep it in .pdf format.

  • Identity card (IC) / Passport
  • Vehicle Registration Card (VOC/Geran)
  • Bank Release letter (If your vehicle is still under loan)
  • Insurance cover note (If the vehicle is not on your name)

Check on their shipping schedule and pick a date of your shipment. (i.e. Port Klang ETA is the date vessel starts sailing)

Next, go to their booking site, choose a new booking, proceed with the on-screen instructions, upload your documents and make your payment.

Note: At step#2, please check on both Custom clearance at port of loading and discharge.

Once you’ve made the payment, you will get a receipt.

giga shipping receipt
Giga Receipt

In the next 24-48 hours, the Giga Shipping staff will contact you and provide a customs declaration form. You will need to declare all the valuable item(s) in your vehicle and send it back to them.

custom declaration form
Custom declaration form

Next, they’ll send you a barcode which you will need to print out and place it on your vehicle’s dashboard/windshield.

giga shipping barcode
Vehicle Barcode

You will also be given an appointment date to send your vehicle to the port and a person in charge (PIC) contact number. Please do contact the PIC to confirm on the exact time you will be delivering your vehicle.

On the delivery/appointment date, navigate to Westport Main Gate, park your vehicle somewhere near and register yourself at their counter.

Westport Main Gate
Westport Main Gate

Once you’ve registered, you will be given a entry slip and visitor pass.

westport visitor pass
Entry Slip and Visitor Pass

You can now drive/ride your vehicle into the port and just before the entry point on the left, the port official will scan your visitor pass before they let you pass.

Now, just navigate to Giga Vehicle Transit Centre (Giga-2 Export Yard). You can either refer to Google Map or just follow the easy guide map below:

 Giga Storage (Giga-2 Export Yard).
Giga Transit Centre Map

This is how it looks from the outside of the Vehicle Transit Centre. Just drive into the space and turn right.

 Giga Storage (Giga-2 Export Yard).
Giga Transit Centre

Next, look up for Giga mini office. Just park your vehicle here and provide your barcode which you’ve printed to their staff.

 Giga Storage (Giga-2 Export Yard).
Giga Transit Centre

The staff will then inspect your vehicle, take some photos of your vehicle’s boot/boxes and guide you where to park.

Note: You will need to provide your vehicle key(s) as they will need to drive/ride into the RoRo Ship.

Finally, get them to sign the slip you got upon registration and walk (5 minutes) to the main gate back.

At the exit point, scan your visitor pass again and go back to the registration office to return the slip and the visitor pass.

That’s it and you’re done. Just drop an email to Giga saying you’ve completed the delivery and ask for the PIC contact number for the collection in East Malaysia.

You can also contact Giga Shipping at 603-5569 1188

Pos Malaysia Logistic

Pos Malaysia Logistic uses three vessels and they are as per below:

  • (Positive Brave) PB
  • (Positive Pioneer) PP
Positive brave vessel
Positive Brave Vessel
Positive pioneer vessel
Positive Pioneer Vessel

Pos Malaysia Logistic have 30+ years in experience so they are “big boys” in the market.

Getting Started

Contact any of the Pos Malaysia Logistic staff, he/she will provide you with the sailing schedule. You then pick a date that you want your vehicle to be shipped.

The person who handled my booking was Mr Mohd Shamimy and his details are as per below:

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: +603 5121 9988 (Ext 636)
Handphone: +6 011 1317 6642

If you are interested, you can contact him directly via Whatsapp or if you can’t get hold of him, you can contact any of the Pos Malaysia logistic staff as per below:

Pos malaysia logistic contact
Pos Malaysia Logistic Contacts

Once confirmed, you will need to provide them following documents; (Scan it)

  • Identity card (IC) / Passport
  • Vehicle Registration Card (VOC/Geran)
  • Bank Release letter (If your vehicle is still under loan)

You will then be asked to make a payment and a receipt will be provided.

pos malaysia receipt
Pos Malaysia receipt

At the appointed date, go to North Port Klang Vehicle Transit Centre (VTC) to send your Car or Motorcycle.

Note: If you using their Door-to-Door or Door-to-Port services, you don’t need to drive/ride your vehicle to the North Port as their staff will come and pick it up from you.

North Port VTC Google Map:

North Port VTC GPS Coornidates: 3.0406123,101.3617359

North Port VTC: Manual Map Download (From Main Entrance)

Once you’ve reached the North Port main entrance (Gate 1), you will need to register yourself and they’ll give you a visitor pass.

 North Port main entrance (Gate 1)
North Porth Klang Free Trade Zone

This is where you register yourself. Without a pass, you can’t access the VTC area to deliver your vehicle.

 North Port main entrance (Gate 1) registration counter
North Port Visitor Registration Counter

If you followed the Google Map or the Manual Map (From Main Entrance), you will arrive at the Pos Malaysia Logistic Vehicle Transit Centre (VTC).

pos malaysia mini office
Pos Logistic Vehicle Transit Centre

At this Vehicle Transit Centre (VTC), you will meet the person in charge and he will do a final check on your vehicle to see if there are any scratches, damages etc. and record it.

Once it is done, you can hand over him/her your vehicle key. (They will need to drive into the RoRo Ship).

Pos malaysia storage office
Pos Malaysia Vehicle Transit Area

That’s it, you’re done!  Someone from the VTC will provide you with a transport (free) to the main entrance area so you can return your pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked question

Types of services provided

  • Port to Port – Service includes shipment of vehicle from the Port of Loading to the Port of Discharge.
  • Port to Door – Service includes shipment of vehicle from the Port of Loading and delivery of vehicle to your preferred location.
  • Door to Port – Service includes collection of vehicle from your preferred location and shipment of vehicle to the Port of Discharge.
  • Door to Door – Full service of vehicle collection from your preferred location to delivery of vehicle to your preferred location.

Vehicle Shipping price to Sabah/Sarawak and vice versa

For Giga Shipping, you can get an instant quotation from their website and for Pos Malaysia, you will need to contact their staff.

How much does the Door to Door service cost?

It depends on the location of pick up, type of vehicle etc. Contact the service provider.

How long does it take for the RoRo ship to arrive at the destination?

Usually within 7-10 days (Including customs clearance)

When is the latest I need to deliver my vehicle at the transit area?

5 days before the sailing schedule or contact the person in charge for confirmation.

What does the insurance cover?

Damages to your vehicle beyond repair.

Can I use Giga/Pos to send a vehicle from Sabah / Sarawak to Port Klang?

Yes, you can.

Where can I send my vehicle to and/or collect from?

  • Port Klang
  • Kuching
  • Bintulu
  • Labuan
  • Kota Kinabalu

Can I track my vehicle online?

Unfortunately, you can’t. If you use Giga shipping, you will get an email update from time to time on your shipping status.

Do they wrap the vehicle or put it in a container?

No, it’s a Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) service.

Can I be on the RoRo Ship/Vessel?

Only their staff are permitted to be on their ship.

What is the storage charges like If I don’t pick-up on time?

I can’t remember for Pos Malaysia but below are the pricing for Giga Shipping. Basically for the first 3 days, there are no charges

Where is the pick-up point in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?

The usual place would be Sabah Port which is about 5KM from KK city center. The Google Map tagged for Sabah Port would bring your to another place.

The correct location for vehicle collection at Sabah Port would be as per below:

  • Google Map: Sabah Port
  • GPS Coordinates: 5.994295, 116.083412

When you arrive at the location, look on your left and you’ll see the entrance as per below.

Sabah Port Entrance


Overall, I had good experience with both Pos Malaysia and Giga Shipping. I would also advise that you remove any valuable item(s) from your vehicle as they have been reports that things were gone missing etc.

If you’re on a motorcycle and have panniers/top-box, don’t provide the shipping company with the boxes keys. This way, your secured items would be safe.

If I have to pick one, I’ll choose Giga shipping because it’s so easy to get an instant quotation on their site and they are almost half the price cheaper than Pos Malaysia.

Have you tried shipping your vehicle to east Malaysia? How was your experience?

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Hi Chris, thanks a lot for this great post.
All your info proved very accurate and a precious guide.

One thing worth mentioning, the shipping schedules are “highly” unreliable. My bike had 8 days delay from the original schedule. So do account for this possibility when booking flights and hotels. Better pay some few ringgits storage fees at arrival port than losing lots of money and time waiting for the boat to arrive.

Faizal Razak

Hi Chris. Just wanted to thank you for the tremendous effort in putting this Idiot Guide together for moto travellers going onto North Borneo. Detailed with helpful photos and step-by-step directions. Cheers!

Faizal Razak

Update – the pick up point in KK has been changed to Sepanggar w.e.f 1.1.2022. The shipping fees are now (as of Feb 22′) RM1,007 incl customs clearance.

Cargo insurance for transport of motorcycle has to be purchased elsewhere: Giga does not offer cover for motorcycles. I purchased mine from P&O for RM516 to cover both shipment out to KK and back to P. Klang.

Pay Sabah


David Greenwood

Hi, excellent brief. Quick question, do you have to be at ‘the other end’ when the ship arrives to collect your vehicle or do they store it at the port until you’re ready to collect?

Roslan bin Wan Teh

How about returning? Is it same prices?