Hiking Bonduk Hill (a.k.a Bukit Botak/Gundul) In Sepanggar

Located approximately 21 KM from Kota Kinabalu, Bonduk Hill (a.k.a Bukit Botak/Gundul) in Sepanggar is one of the best hiking spots that you can go to whilst being in the city.

Bukit Bonduk/Gundul/Botak literary means Bald hill in English is noticeable from the roadside if you drive along Sepanggar bay.

Trail Information

Hiking Bonduk Hill
Sunset at Bonduk Hill

The trail length is about 1.5 KM (one way) and it would take less than an hour for an average fit person to reach the top.

The view from the top would be overlooking Sepanggar Bay which houses the Sepanggar Bay Container Terminal, a major naval base for the Royal Malaysian Navy as well as the Sepanggar Bay Oil Terminal.

Honestly, it can be quite tiring due to the heat. Please ensure you carry along a bottle of water to keep your self hydrated and bring a small towel to cover your face if you don’t use sun-screen.

To hike this beautiful hill, just drive to the starting point location below and park your car just by the road shoulder.

Starting Point: Google Map

Should I Hike In The Morning Or Evening?

If you have to choose one, I would suggest you hike in the evening as it is not hot like in the morning and you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset view from the top of this hill.

Best Time To View Sunset?

The best time window to view sunset in Kota Kinabalu (or from this hill) is between 6:00-6:20 PM. I would suggest that you start hiking at 5 PM so you don’t rush/miss the sunset.

Best Time To View Mount Kinabalu?

You can also view the majestic Mount Kinabalu from this hill! (Only in the morning).

If you would like to have a clear view of Mount Kinabalu, the time window would be between 06:00-08:00 AM. Therefore, you’ll need to start hiking latest by 7 AM.

Renting a Car/Motorcycle

If you’re on a budget or prefer to ride/drive on your own, I would suggest that you rent a motorcycle/car from a reliable company which I have used their services in the past. More details can be found at the link below:

BEST Motorcycle & Car Rental In Kota Kinabalu

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