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Borneo Blowpipe Run

    The Borneo Blowpipe Run (BPR) is an approximately 1300KM endurance ride challenge from Kuching, Sarawak to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah or vice versa which needs to be completed within same calendar date in 24hours.

    Just like the Iron Butt ride, it can be exhausting and requires one to stay focus especially attempting it in Borneo!

    The Founder

    borneo blowpipe run ride

    BPR was founded by multi-talented proud Sarawakian, Alex Stmrock Wong in 2011. He is best known for his impressive accomplishments in various fields including 1998 world cup jet ski champion, motorcycling enthusiast and business entrepreneur.

    Alex first got the idea of BPR on his scooter tour from Kuching city to Tawau and he is also the first person to complete Blowpipe Run.

    Alex Wong from Kuching Sarawak
    Alex Stmrock Wong poses with his BMW Motorcycle. Image courtesy of Alex Stmrock Wong

    What Is Blowpipe?

    The blowpipe is a traditional weapon which is commonly used for hunting and known to the people of Borneo, which is why Alex came up with the name.

    Dyak man demonstrating the blowpipe
    A Dayak man demonstrating the blowpipe. Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

    Challenges You May Face

    • Approximately 1300KM Ride within 24 hours.
    • Bad roads conditions.
    • Unpredictable weather conditions.
    • 9 immigration checkpoints post with limited time.
    • Limited Petrol/Gas stations.
    • Getting lost.

    Why Would Someone Do a Blowpipe Run?

    You might be wondering why would someone go through the hassle of planning routes, gearing up, riding/driving over thousand of kilometre in a very short period? Well, It’s all down to personal satisfaction that one has completed the challenge and acknowledgement from fellow peers.

    The Blowpipe Run Rules & Regulation

    1. A rider may start from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu or Kota Kinabalu to Kuching.
    2. The ride must start and end at Cats Statue in Kuching or Marlin Statue in Kota Kinabalu.
    3. Photo of the rider with their bike, taken at the start and at the end are required, as well as a few supplementary photos along the route, showing known landmarks or name signage and time when photos were taken. This serves to verify the run as well as allows friends and motorcycle enthusiasts to share the excitement and to coordinate a welcome at various points along the route.
    4. The run must be completed within the same calendar date and not just within 24 hours. To further clarify, a run that crosses midnight will not be valid.
    5. Any motorcycle/three-wheelers or trikes/car of any engine size may be used.
    6. A passenger is not allowed, as it will enable splitting of tasks and time-saving, such as the payment for fuel and the purchase of refreshments by passenger whilst mechanical preparation is undertaken by the rider.
    7. Riders are not encouraged to ride recklessly. Please exercise extreme caution and courtesy during the attempt.
    8. Riders attempt data will be recorded on Facebook in the Borneo Motorcycle Group page.
    9. Riders are advised to use Google Maps Location Sharing or Whatsapp Location Sharing so other group members & fellow riders can track & monitor your whereabouts.
    10. With the effective year of 2016, for riders who declared/started as a group, they must finish it as a group. If one of them DNF or DNQ, all riders will also be considered as DNF or DNQ.
    11. The rules for solo ride require 2 riders or more to depart 10mins apart. This is to ensure group assistance advantages are not accorded to solo riders.
    12. The rules for group ride where 2 or more bikes are from different category shall be in accordance with the bike with the highest cc in the group. An example is given, 650cc & 125cc bikes will be considered as BPR Open, 500cc & 250cc bikes will be considered as BPR2.

    Blowpipe Run Categories

    • BR1: Moto GP/1000cc +
    • BR2: Moto 2/600cc and below
    • BR3: Moto 3/250cc and below
    • BR Cub: Cub Prix/125cc and below
    • BR W3: Any three-wheeler (custom/production)
    • BR W4: Car

    Note: The above categories are newly updated by the BPR Committee

    How To Start a Blow Pipe Run?

    • Join Borneo Motorcycle Group in Facebook.
    • Abide by the BPR rules and regulations as per above.
    • Start either from Kuching, Sarawak (Cats Statue ) or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Marlin Statue).
    • Post an announcement in the Facebook Group with the format below:
    • ‼️Blowpipe Run Announcement‼️
      • Rider: Chris (Add more riders name if you’re in a group).
      • Machine: Benelli TRK 502
      • Category: BR 2
      • Country: Malaysia
      • Date: 1st January 2020
      • Direction: Kuching (Cat Statue) to Kota Kinabalu (Merlin Statue).
      • ETD: 0100 (AM)
      • CC: (Tag the BPR committee member ) – Alex Stmrock Wong, Malinda Nataniel, ZaiBrunei PH Ahmad, Shahroll Hajuan & Aki Anis.
    • Take a photo when you’re at the starting point with the time stamp on your photo and post your updates (with pictures along the routes) at the comment box of the post you created.
    • Once you completed the ride, take a photo again at the endpoint with the time stamp and post your update at the comment box of the post you created.
    cat statue kuching
    Cat Statue in Kuching, Sarawak
    marlin statute kota kinabalu
    Marlin Statue in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

    Borneo Blowpipe Run Information Map

    Below is the route from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu and vice versa with details such as refuel points etc. The map also consists of detour option to bypass route to avoid heavy traffic in main cities. Click on the Google map below which was created by Azrul Azmil Perali .

    Borneo blowpipe run info map

    Brunei Border Crossing

    To complete a BPR, you’ll go through Brunei and you will need to pass 9 checkpoints in total which requires to stamp your passport and scan QR code (Only at Brunei side). This is because Brunei is separated into two parts by the Sarawak district of Limbang. (The locals call the separation as Brunei Besar and Brunei Kecil). Read more here on the detailed steps on how you can cross in and out of Brunei which was based on my Borneo solo ride.

    Brunei border crossing

    How Can I Get BlowPipe Run Patch?

    blowpipe run patch
    Gold Blowpipe Run Patch

    The patch will be given by BPR committee member to every graduate who completed the run. Please note the Gold patch era will come to an end and replaced by the silver patch once the Sultan of Brunei declares Temburong Bridge is officially open. More details here.

    Shipping Car/Motorcycle To Sabah Or Sarawak

    If you’re from Peninsular Malaysia, you can ship your vehicle via RoRo to Sabah or Sarawak. More information about this can be found here.


    After years of riding on roads, I can tell you most of them does not care about you on the road! Don’t ride/drive fast, follow the rules and if you’re tired, take REST. If you can’t complete the challenge, you can always do it at the other time. Remember, extreme fatigue attacks a rider’s/driver’s mental ability and muscular coordination, which can be fatal.

    Have you done this challenge? Share with me your experience?

    Disclaimer: This article is merely to share information and if there are any discrepancies, you should always refer to Borneo Motorcycle Group. You might be also interested in reading on best motorcycle routes in Malaysia.

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    Peter McGinnes

    Thanks for writing this story Chris. I was the first foreigner to earn my patch. Was very difficult but great fun. I have made many new friends as a result of this group. Regards Peter BPR #002

    Jo Department

    TQ Chris atas perkongsian ini.

    Jo Department

    TQ Chris atas perkongsian ini.


    Hello Chris from BPR #96