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LHM Motorcycle Museum Kanchanaburi

The LHM Motorcycle Museum in Kanchanaburi province showcases a vast collection of motorcycles of Japanese and a few Western brands since the end of World War II.

LHM Museum Owner

The museum is owned by the Lo Heng Mong motorcycle shop in Tha Maka district, which has been in the business for more than five decades.

The establishment of the museum was inspired by an old photo of shop founder Boonchai Pongvitayapanu shaking hands with Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Company.

The shop has kept a sample of most models it has sold. As market demands have changed and buyers opted for rare old models, the museum was founded for the young generation to study the history and evolution of motorcycles.

LHM Motorcycle Museum Kanchanaburi

Museum Sections

The museum is divided into four sections — the Learning Centre, the Historical Centre, the 50th Anniversary of Lo Heng Mong, Honda and Yamaha Centre and the Old Motorcycle Posters Centre.

LHM Museum Location & Entrance Fee

If you’re in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, this place is definitely worth the visit and the entrance to this place is FREE!

Google Map Location:

GPS Coordinates: 13°57’46.2″N 99°44’38.1″E / 13.962830, 99.743920

Video Highlights

LHM Motorcycle Museum in Kanchanaburi

Photo Gallery

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