Hiking Rawang Bypass Viewpoint Via Bukit Matt Trail

In this post, I’ll share information about hiking Rawang Bypass Viewpoint and just before that, let’s read a little bit about this beautiful structure.

Rawang Bypass is a 10 KM highway built to reduce the traffic on federal route 1 and it is the tallest bridge in Malaysia.

Cutting through the verdant forest, the bypass took 12 years to complete with a price tag of RM 628 million.

Hiking Rawang Bypass Viewpoint Via Bukit Matt Trail

Quick Facts About Rawang Bypass

Rawang Bypass view from LATAR Expressway
Rawang Bypass view from LATAR Expressway
  • Toll-free highway
  • Elevated sections measure 2.7 KM with its highest pillar of 58.2 meters. The highest of its kind in Malaysia
  • The elevated structure built to be winding to reduce trees being cut down

Aerial View

Check out the scenic view of Rawang Bypass uploaded by a YouTuber and I am sure you will find it amazing!


Hiking Bukit Matt Rawang (Rawang Bypass Viewpoint)

To get to the viewpoint of Rawang Bypass, you will need to hike Bukit Matt.

The Rawang Bypass Viewpoint is at 233 meters above sea level and will take one between 60-90 minutes to complete the full 2.9 KM standard trail (blue line as the map below)

Rawang Bypass Viewpoint Hiking Map

There are two trails that can lead you to the Rawang Bypass viewpoint.

The standard trail offers a much more scenic view and an easy trail which consist of 70% of a flat groud trail.

Honestly, I would recommend the standard trail as it’s not difficult to hike but some of the sections can be quite steep where you can use ropes to pull yourself up. (Trust me, you can do it!)

Rawang Bypass Viewpoint Hiking Map

Rawang Bypass Hiking Entrance

To get started, drive to Bukit Matt Trail Starting Point and park your car at the road shoulder and walk towards the starting point.

Rawang Bypass Hiking Entrance

This is the starting point and I think someone is building a proper access path for it?

Rawang Bypass Hiking starting point

You will now need to walk for about 400 Meters to get to the Rawang Bypass highway.

road towards bukit matt trail

This used to be an open road for lorries to access a nearby quarry. It is also the same road that leads to Bukit Kuari’s trail where you often see mountain bikes putting their skills to test.

road towards bukit matt trail

View along the road

road towards bukit matt trail

When you see these walls, turn right and follow the trail towards down which will lead you to a drainage tunnel

road towards bukit matt trail

Once you see the tunnel, walk slowly towards it and watch your steps.

rawang bypass drainage

At this point, you will be walking underneath the elevated highway via a 30 meters long drainage tunnel to get across to the other side.

Note: If it’s flooded, you can skip the tunnel by walking the trail above the tunnel which will lead you to the easy trail as per the map above.

rawang bypass drainage tunnel

This is how it looks like inside the tunnel. You’ll find birds flying in and out, just don’t panic and keep walking out of it.

rawang bypass drainage tunnel

Once you’ve crossed, follow the maintenance road along the highway and you will start hiking Bukit Matt.

rawang bypass maintenance road
rawang bypass maintenance road

Some of the sections are steep and therefore, please use the guide ropes when necessary.

hiking bukit matt
Bukit matt trail
Bukit matt trail

When you can see the winding elevated road, you’re already close to the Rawang Bypass Viewpoint.

Bukit matt trail

The Rawang Bypass viewpoint comes into view once you’re at the Bukit Matt’s peak. I would suggest that you take a break here and enjoy the view especially if you’re in for the sunrise.

rawang bypass viewpoint

Next, go further and you will be able to descend to the other side of Bukit Matt.

rawang bypass viewpoint
bukit matt trail

At this point, cross the drainage and keep to your right.

bukit matt trail

Now, walk under the elevated highway so you can get to other side.

bukit matt trail

The views underneath the elevated highway.

underneath of rawang bypass highway
sideview of rawang bypass

On the other side, you can see the Rawang Bypass Viewpoint. Yes, you just descend from there, well done!

Now, just walk straight and you will get to the end point.

ground view of rawang bypass viewpoint


I would suggest that you wear proper shoes and if you have soft skin, a pair of gloves would be helpful to pass the guided ropes.

If it’s raining, avoid hiking because the trail to the viewpoint can be slippery especially after a rainy day.

Have you hiked Bukit Matt to get to the Rawang Bypass viewpoint? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Cheah Chee Wai

Hello Rider Chris, Cheah here. As of today, 12th Jan 2022, is the Rawang Bypass trail above still closed or is already open? If closed, when will it be reopened again? Tqvm


We just went up this morn, not closed. 🙂

is it allowed now? 

I am a newbie in hiking.
i saw some photos of those with ropes while declining trail and look a bit slippery. Can i just avoid that but able to finish? Any alternative route of this slippery trail?


is it dangerous?


total journey take how long?