Shipping Car Or Motorcycle To And From Labuan via RO-RO Ferry

If you’re planning to ship your Car or Motorcycle into Labuan Malaysia via RO-RO ferry from Menumbok Sabah, you can now do so via online booking.

Recently, I shipped my motorcycle in and out of Labuan. The steps are the same for any other vehicle which I’ll walk you through in this article.

Ferry Operators

Goodwill Star RO-RO Ferry
Goodwill Star RO-RO Ferry

There are 3 operators running ferry services connecting Labuan island to Sabah, Malaysia & Brunei Darussalam.

Labuan Point Enterprise Sdn BhdKimanis 1, Putrajaya 1, Goodwill Star, Joy Star
Galaxy FerryGalaxy, Blue Ocean
PKL Jaya Sdn BhdShuttle Hope

Labuan RO-RO Schedule

Menumbok to Labuan

07.00 am08.30 amKimanis 1
09.00 am10.30 amPutrajaya 1
10.00 am11.30 amGoodwill Star
01.00 pm02.30 pmKimanis 1
02.30 pm04.00 pmPutrajaya 1
06.00 pm07.30 pmKimanis 1
08.00 pm09.30 pmGoodwill Star

Labuan to Menumbok

06.00 am07.30 amPutrajaya 1
07.30 am9.00 amGoodwill Star
10.30 am12.00 pmKimanis 1
11.30 am01.00 pmPutrajaya 1
03.30 pm05.00 pmKimanis 1
05.30 pm07.00 pmGoodwill Star

The schedule may change from time to time. To get a real-time schedule, you may refer Labuan Ferry website.

Getting Started

Prepare the following;

  • Photocopies of your Identity card (IC) / Passport, Authorisation letter from the vehicle owner and his/her IC (If it is not yours).
  • You will need to bring along the vehicle registration card. (Photocopy is accepted)
  • Driver’s Contact Number
  • Details of Passenger (If any)
  • All vehicle needs to be at the holding area 1 hour before ferry departure

Note: Honestly, I didn’t need to provide any documents during the online booking and at the Ferry Terminal. However, I would suggest you just prepare it.

Labuan RO-RO Ferry Online Booking

First of all, register for a free account on Labuan Ferry Website.

labuan ferry account registration

Once you’ve registered, head back to the Labuan Ferry website and scroll to the bottom.

You can then choose your destination, type of vehicle, passenger(s) etc and click on SEARCH NOW.

labuan ferry online booking

Next, choose your departure and return based on the schedule availability.

labuan ferry schedule

Now, enter your vehicle information, personal details and click on the Next button.

labuan ferry enter information

You will then be shown a summary of your booking. Just tick on the 2 boxes at the bottom left followed by the NEXT button and you will be re-directed to their payment gateway.

labuan ferry enter information
labuan ferry enter information

Once you’ve made the payment, you will be shown the screen below. Click on PRINT TICKET at the top right for both Departure and Return (one at a time).

labuan ferry ticket summary

Your printed ticket would look like below. Just bring it along to the Ferry Terminal.

labuan ferry RO-RO Ferry

Departure Day (Menumbok Ferry Terminal)

Go to Menumbok Ferry Terminal (Google Map)

Menumbok Ferry Terminal
Menumbok Ferry Terminal Entrance

Ride/Drive into the Terminal and park your motorcycle on the left. For Cars, it would be on the right.

Menumbok Ferry Terminal

Next, you are required to pay port tax. Just walk into their office.

Menumbok Ferry Terminal

At this counter, show them the RO-RO Ferry ticket and pay the amount based on the vehicle type and passenger(s) – if any.

Menumbok Ferry Terminal
Menumbok Port Tax Price
Menumbok Port Tax Price

Once you’ve paid, you will be given a receipt. I was charged RM 2 for my motorcycle.

Menumbok Tax receipt

At the departure time, just drive/ride your vehicle into the Ferry. The ground staff will guide you on where to park your vehicle.

Labuan Ferry RORO

It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for the journey from Menumbok to Labuan and vice versa. At the destination, you just need to drive off into Labuan and it is that simple.

Labuan Ferry RORO

At the upper deck, you can sit comfortably in an air-conditioned room and there is a small cafeteria where you can buy your drinks, snacks etc.

Labuan Ferry passenger seats

Return Day (Labuan Ferry Terminal)

Go to vehicle Terminal (Google Map) – It is located between Public Bank and the main International Ferry Terminal. Drive/ride into the lane as per the image below.

Labuan International ferry Terminal

Keep your vehicle to left and wait for the customs instructions to drive/ride your vehicle into the RO-RO Ferry. That’s it!

labuan ferry customs

Labuan Ferry RoRo Contact

If you need to get hold of someone, you can contact them at the following offices.


Note: Out of 20 attempts, I only managed to speak to them once over the phone and they would not bother to reply to emails. Hence this guide is created for your convenience.

Labuan RO-RO Ferry Conclusion

The process to get your vehicle in and out of Labuan is quite straightforward. I just think they could have included the port tax into the ticket to save time.

The 150KM journey from Kota Kinabalu to Menumbok Ferry Terminal takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The road conditions are bad in certain sectors and with lorries and busses, you will get stuck in slow traffic especially towards Kota Kinabalu.

Personally, if I would go into Labuan again from Kota Kinabalu, I would just take the 3 hours ferry ride from Jesselton Point in KK itself and rent a car/motorcycle in Labuan. This would save a lot of time and money too. (Just my personal opinion though).

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