(IBA) Iron Butt Ride – 1600+ KM In 24 Hours

The Iron Butt Association (IBA) is an international organization dedicated to safe long-distance motorcycle riding. In order to become a member, you need to complete and have certified one of their long-distance rides, the shortest of which is the Saddlesore 1610KM which you will need to complete within 24 hours or less.

Once your ride has been completed and verified by IBA, you will be on the World’s Toughest Riders list.

Route Planning For Iron Butt Ride

(IBA) Iron Butt Ride - 1600+ KM In 24 Hours

Route planning is the most important factor for a good iron butt ride within 24 hours and IBA emphasized that they mean 24 hours of wall clock time and not riding time. Say if you start your ride at 0800, you must complete your ride before 0800 the next day.

Getting Started

There are five steps for one to earn Saddle Sore 1610KM ride certificate and they are as per below;

  1. Choose a safe route.
  2. Get a starting point witness.
  3. Collect and track receipts.
  4. Get an end-point witness.
  5. Submit your documentation to Iron Butt Association for verification.

Please note that IBA is dedicated to the sport of safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. It does not condone nor will it tolerate unsafe activities such as excessive speed. If you have been charged for reckless riding, your certification (if issued) can be revoked.

For my ride, I’ve mixed 50% old routes and 50% on the expressway. You can do it 100% on the expressway but if you feel that is going to be boring, you can always mix it up like mine. Below are the routes that I’ve ridden.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/fzeeWw

Selayang – Ijok – KLIA – Kuala Pilah – Jempol – Muadzam Shah – Gambang – Pekan – Rompin – Mersing – Bandar Penawar – Pagoh – Rawang – Gunung Semanggol – Bukit Kayu Hitam – Jitra

Ride Logs & Documents

For my ride logs and other supporting documents, please refer below:

Note for Stop#11: At this stop, I’ve already ridden over 1610KM and decided to take a break but unfortunately, when I try to start my motorcycle again after resting, the battery went dead and I have to wait for a few hours until someone helped me to jump-start my motorcycle. The initial idea was to do a Bun Burner ride which is to complete 2500KM within 36 hours but unfortunately, I lost a few hours due to my bike battery went dead and decided to not proceed for Bun Burner. However, I am still happy that I’ve completed the SaddleSore 1610+ KM ride. When my bike was fixed, I rode back to my home which is another 450+ KM but of course, this is not counted for my IBA ride as I’ve passed the 24 hours clock time.

Is Big Bike Necessary?

You might be wondering, Do I need a big bike to do Iron Butt Ride? Negative! Any two-wheeled motorcycle which is comfortable and has a decent speed is capable of completing this challenge. I’ve read riders doing this on an underbone (kapchai) motorcycle. Remember, the IBA regulations require you to adhere to their regulations and not ride at excessive speed.

Riding a Saddlesore taught me how to be more focused on a long-distance ride and this ride has also boosted my self-confidence that I can be one of the toughest riders out there.

I’ve now submitted my documents to IBA for verification and looking forward to being welcomed into the World’s Toughest Riders group. I’ll update this post once I get the confirmation from IBA.

UPDATE – My Iron Butt Ride has been verified and I am now officially into the world’s toughest riders group. I’ve been also told that I was the first Benelli (make) rider to complete an Iron Butt Ride.

Rider Chris Official Certificate

Why would someone do an Iron Butt Ride?

You might be wondering why would someone go through the hassle of planning routes, gearing up, riding through thousands of kilometres in a very short period and submitting all the paperwork just for certification and to be on the list of the World’s Toughest Riders. For me, it was the endurance challenge that I wanted to tick off my list and the enjoyment of sharing my experience that I did such a ride and also possessing the ability to prove it.

I can tell you the feeling of riding the number of kilometres that others take on an aeroplane within the same day is exhilarating! Think about the distance from Malacca to Bangkok within 24 hours, that is 1600KM (+/-).

More Info On Iron Butt Ride

Detailed information can be found here and don’t forget to check on their riding tips here. Iron Butt Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

Pack Only Essential Items

You’re not going for days/months ride. pack as little as you can or not at all! You’ll want the weight on the bike to be light as possible. You will be putting your machine on a test, I meant a real endurance test.  You know your machine better than anyone else, so pack the essential tools/parts for your machines.

Photo Gallery

Below are some of the pictures captured along the way.

iron butt ride
Starting Point in Selayang
iron butt ride
At Kuala Lumpur International Airport
iron butt ride
Pekan Museum
iron butt ride
Mosque in Pekan
iron butt ride
Sea After Pekan Town
iron butt ride
Mersing Town
iron butt ride
Sunset At Desaru-Senai Bridge
iron butt ride
Lubricating Chain After 1000KM
iron butt ride
Having A Quick Bite
iron butt ride
PLUS Expressway
iron butt ride
Battery Went Dead At Stop#11
iron butt ride
It Fired Up After A Jump Start!
iron butt ride
Total Distance Covered


After years of riding on roads, I can tell you most of them do not care about you on the road! Don’t ride fast, follow the rules and if you’re tired, take REST. If you can’t complete the IBA ride, you can always do it at the other time. Remember, extreme fatigue attacks a rider’s mental ability and muscular coordination which can be fatal.

I would like to thank all of you who supported my ride, especially my witnesses who will be getting in touch with IBA to verify this awesome iron ride!

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