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Phatthalung (Thailand) Attractions

Phatthalung might not be a popular tourist destination yet in Thailand but it is picking up overtime. Here are a few things you can do on a day trip.


Sampaothai in Phatthalung province, just open a few years ago. It’s only a rice field area with the big model of a king kong and a ship in the motif the rice field. It is quite hot to walk around but the community make a stable walkway to walk around. The entrance fee is 20 baht per person. If you like taking beautiful photos, this place is for you.

Phatthalung (Thailand) Places Of Interest & Attractions
Sampao Thai Phattalung
paddy field Sampao Thai Phattalung

Thale Noi

Supporting more than 180 species of local and migratory waterbirds and protected under the international Ramsar wetlands preservation treaty, Thale Noi is Thailand’s largest waterfowl reserve.

If you like birds, buffaloes, water lilies and riding a Sampan with motor out on a huge lake go for it. It’s really worth your time and money. You can take a boat tour which will cost you about THB450.

bird park tale noi phattalung

Ekachai Bridge

A bridge formally called Thanon Chaloem Phra Kiat 80 but locally and most often called Ekachai Bridge on the lake route between Ranot, Songkhla and Thale Noi, Phatthalung road. The route passes through rice field before passing through swampy area of the northern edge of Songkhla Lake – the largest fresh water lake in Thailand.

Ekachai Bridge Phattalung
Ekachai Bridge Phattalung
Ekachai Bridge Phattalung

Some Other Places To Go In Thailand?

Here are some other suggestions from my blog site.

If you run into any problems whilst being in Thailand and need assistance, you can contact Thailand Tourist Assistance Center.


If you’re in Hatyai (Southern Thailan), Phattalung should be in your list of places to visit. Personally, I like Thale Noi as I feel more connected to the nature. Have you been here? Which one is your favourite?

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Many thanks for providing the places of interest around Phatthalung. I have been to Thale Noi but missed the other places that you provided with the GPS location. Hope to go there when there’s no more restrictions.