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I-Yerweng | Sea Of Clouds

    I had 3 days off and decided to ride to Yala, south of Thailand to see I-Yerweng hill which is getting popular among the locals. I-Yerweng / Aiyoe Weng is a must-visit if you’re travelling to the south of Thailand.  Apart from viewing this hill, Betong boasts several tourist attractions, such as Piyamit Tunnel, Winter Flower Garden, and Betong Hot Spring

    The Journey

    It took me 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to reach Betong and I stayed in the Betong’s city center.  The next day, I started my ride at 0500 (Thai time) to I-Yerweng hill to catch the Sunrise. This hill is located about 45 minutes ride from Betong’s town and the roads are good and easy. You just need to follow route 410 for about 30KM and take a left exit towards a Village. Don’t worry, just key in the coordinates below 🙂 and you will get to the hill.

    I-Yerweng Betong Location

    I-Yerweng GPS Coordinates: 5.977863, 101.181793

    I-Yerweng Google Map:

    Image Credit: Judoboy

    There are 2 view points here. This was taken at the first one. (both are just about 30 meters away)

    I-Yerweng - Aiyoe Weng / Awan Nano Betong

    This was taken at the second view point. Mind blowing!

    Video Highlights

    Check out the video below to see the breathtaking scenery of I-Yerweng’s sea of clouds.

    I-Yerweng - Sea of Clouds | Betong, Thailand


    This breathtaking view is about 330 feet above sea level. Tourist usually come to this hill to appreciate the beautiful sunrise over the sea of clouds. I am pretty sure this place will get more popular over time which means more tourist with selfie sticks, crowded etc. If you plan to go here, do it now as the government has already agreed to build a sky-walk for tourist. A budget of 98 million baht will be set aside for the project, which will be constructed soon. Read here.

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