Visiting Blue Lake In Lompukiew, Ngao Lampang,Thailand

Blue / Green Lake Lompukiew is located 30 KM from Tham Pha Tai National Park off Highway 1 in the Ngao district. It is just after Lampang & Phrae Joint road.

If you’re riding towards northern Thailand, I would recommend that you just drop by this lake to view its beauty.

The Details

Riding to this lake can be quite challenging especially if it’s rainy season. Good for me, it was a clear afternoon with no rain but keeping my balance on a scooter on this off-road was a real pain.

Once you’ve arrived there, you will need to further walk up about 150 meters to the lake. There are also a few stalls where you can buy food, souvenirs etc.

As I arrived at the lake, there is no one there, It was quiet and I really loved it. It is just me and nature, PERFECT!

Check out the fish, it’s quite big in size

Blue / Green Lake Lompukiew Thailand

Check out the video below of my ride to Blue Lake Lompukiew.

Lake Lompukiew GPS Coordinates: N18 45.872 E99 52.405

This trip was part of my 6 Nation’s Borders Ride which I rode and clocked 8033KM on my 171CC scooter.

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