Motorcycle Clutch Cable Maintenance

At times, you will find your clutch cable is getting quite hard or maybe you’re having difficulty in getting your machine into neutral (N) gear or simply shifting into other gears. In this Hyosung Clutch Cable Maintenance article, there are some tips that you can try and hopefully, this would help you.

Getting Started

Here are some tips to make it better

1. Adjust your clutch at the engine and at the lever. (Read below)
2. Adjust for proper chain tension.
3. Fresh engine oil will help.

Usually, at each maintenance interval or when is needed, adjust the clutch cable play by means of clutch cable adjuster. The cable play should be 2 mm (0.08 in) as measured at the clutch lever holder before the clutch begins to disengage. (Refer to your manufacturer manual for specific recommendation)

1. The clutch lever play
2. The lock nut
3. The clutch lever adjuster
4. The rubber boot
5. The cable adjuster
6. The clutch cable adjuster lock nut

Step 1: If you find the play of the clutch incorrect, adjust it in the following way:
Step 2: A basis adjustment be allowed by the clutch lever adjuster. #3
Step 3: Loosen the clutch lever adjuster as per #3.
Step 4: Screw the lock nut #2 clockwise fully, after finishing adjustment.
Step 5: After end of adjustment, tighten the lock nut #2 and cover the rubber boot as per #4.
Step 6: If not adjust by the adjuster as per #3 loosen the clutch cable adjuster lock nut as per #6.
Step 7: Turn the clutch cable adjuster as per #5 in or out to acquire the specified play.
Step 8: After end of adjustment, tighten the lock nut as per #6.

The clutch cable should be lubricated with a light weight oil whenever it is adjusted and I use WD40 for this.

Note: Using a GREASE product would be better option in my honest opinion as it would stay longer compare to WD40. I used WD40 simply because it is easier to apply and I can do so regularly.

Areas To Lubricate

Some areas that I lubricate.

Some other areas that I lubricate.

Some other areas that I lubricate.

You should always inspect your clutch cable, if you find it is starting to tear, REPLACE it!


That’s it! my clutch cable is always in good hand and you should do this maintenance regularly as well.

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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