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Tyre’s sidewall information

There are few things that you will need to check before buying Tyre(s) and not to be cheated by sales person.

First of all, you will need to check on your vehicle owner’s manual to see what is the manufacturer’s recommended specification for your Tyre.

Now, I’ll show you a quick guide to what all those codes & alphabets mean:

A – Width of the Tyre in millimeters

B – Known as the aspect ratio.It is the Tyre height percentage of it’s width. i.e. 55% of 205mm.

C – The diameter height of the tyre’s inner rim in inches.

D – Load index. The maximum load that it can carry in KG. i.e. A Tyre with load index of 91 can carry 615KG of weight.

E – Speed rating. Indicates the maximum speed for a correctly inflated Tyre and being used under load. i.e. A Tyre with a speed rating of V has a maximum speed of 240 KM/H.

Below is the other speed limit rating for a Tyre.

Note: A service description indicates the Tyre’s load index and speed rating. Service descriptions are required on all speed rated Tyres manufactured since 1991 except for the Z speed rated.

With service description

Q – 160 KM/H is the maximum speed
R – 170 KM/H is the maximum speed
S – 180 KM/H is the maximum speed
T – 190 KM/H is the maximum speed
U – 200 KM/H is the maximum speed
H – 210 KM/H is the maximum speed
V – 240 KM/H is the maximum speed

Without service description

V – Above 240 KM/H
W – 270 KM/H is the maximum speed**
Y – 300 KM/H is the maximum speed**
Z – Above 300 KM/H

**W and Y speed ratings are subcategories of the Z speed ratings.

Production date.

Each Tyre has 4 digit code on it’s sidewall which tells you the week and the year it was manufactured.

Example: 4907 – This code indicates the Tyre was manufactured on the 49th Week of year 2007. i.e. 2nd-8th December 2007

The maximum usage of Tyre(s) is five years from the date it was produced.

If you’re buying new Tyre(s), please ensure it was produced in the current year. If you’re buying used Tyre(s), you can negotiate the price with the sales person as per the general guideline below.

1 year old Tyre: 20% discount
2 year old Tyre: 40% discount
3 year old Tyre: 60% discount
4 year old Tyre: 80% discount
5 year old Tyre: FREE – Not recommended to buy Tyre which is 5 year old and above.

Note: The above is just based on my opinion and you can use them as a general guideline.

Tips: You can also go to Tire Safety Group site to get your tire facts report.

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