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Roads of Asia on a Royal Enfield?

When you hit the road on a motorbike for the first time most people find they are carrying too much.

It takes quite some experience to pare down on the old luggage to ensure that your bike is as versatile and unstressed as it can be, and to ensure that you are able to push it when necessary.

Riders Himalayan mountains

Get ready for an adventure

Adventure in asia

The beauty of the Royal Enfield is in its simplicity, meaning you can carry only a few essential tools, and across Asia, you will find mechanics well equipped to deal with any problems you may come across. 

The beauty of riding in Asia is in its balmy climate, enabling the traveller to sleep in the many thousand starred hotel of the great outdoors armed only with a sleeping bag.  Clothing can also be kept to a minimum as you can easily wash things out and dry them overnight.  So pack a small bag and get ready for the road. 

The first step is the hardest; once you’re rolling everything falls into place and you’ll realize that the only thing stopping you is yourself.

Time to ride

Roads of Asia on a Royal Enfield

You can plan your journey out in great detail or you can take it on the hoof.  If you’re a soul who likes to know where you’re going and what’s going to happen you may want to consider travelling at first with an organized bike tour operator until you have enough confidence to strike out alone. 

Try a motorcycle tour in Laos, or somewhere similarly off the beaten tourist track as a taster.  If you’re a soul who likes to wander then with the internet at our fingertips nowadays, it is easier to book day by day as you go along, depending on where you’ve got to. 

Asian hospitality is rightly famed and in my experience, you’re often invited in to stay in family homes when abroad on the road of an evening.

I once camped in what I believed to be an empty yard of a sawmill to be berated by the occupants come morning for not waking them and asking for a bed!  I was dragged inside and thrown in the bathroom for a wash while my hostess rustled up a breakfast fit for a King. 

Life on the road is full of surprises, so what are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: This article is submitted as a guest post by Vintage RiDES. The views, opinions, services and positions expressed within guest posts are those of the author alone and do not represent

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