Repsol Engine Oil For Hyosung

My bike is due for its first service and I was thinking of trying different brand of Engine Oil (EO). The recommended EO by Naza Bikes for my GT250R was Motul 3100 10w40.

You might wonder why am I trying different brand? Honestly, I find it hard to free or (N) neutralise the bike gear when it’s at stationary position. i.e. When I stopped at the traffic light. Whilst I can still free the gear before stopping, I think it should not be any problems to neutralise the gear in a stationary position.

I’ve read up online on this issues and some of them said changing to a different EO may solve the issue provided the bike clutch cabel is in good hand or set longer . (Yes, mine is good and my bike is still below 1000KM at this moment).

Some of the bikers did recommend me to use Nano 10W40 and they said it’s a good EO. I couldn’t find much info on this EO and I’m quite afaid to try this.

I’ve then called up Mr Khairul at Naza bikes and asked him if he can recommend me some other EO than Motul ones, he said Naza is trying Repsol EO 10W40 at their bikes and based on their Research & Development (R&D) department, the said the EO is quite good and compatible with Hyosung / Naza Blade bikes and they may change from Motul to Repsol in the future.

Unfortunately, the Repsol EO is not available for sale in Naza Bikes SC in Shah Alam. Fortunately, I found the dealer of this EO is just few hundred meters from the Naza bikes SC.

Repsol Engine Oil For Hyosung

Based on Repsol website, this EO is the ideal motorcycle lubricant oil for very high performance 4-stroke engines. Its formula ensures maximum protection for all engine components, with special emphasis on the clutch and gearbox. Its efficiency is reflected in the reduced friction of the engine components and maximum power is maintained at all times. The result have been proven at the highest level in both national and international competition under extreme conditions with specially prepared and standard bikes. It performs equally well on the road and on the racetrack.


High viscosity index providing a smooth flow at low temperatures and also maximum protection for high performance engines.

Its formula guarantees the smooth sliding of clutch discs and protection of the gearbox in joint engine and transmission (wet clutch) lubrication system.

Result tested on high performance 4-stroke engines in extreme conditions.

Quality Levels

JASO T903:2006 MA & MA2

I’ll change to this EO for my bike in the next few days and I’ll provide my review when my bike reaches the next service interval at 3000KM.

If you would like to try this EO, you can get it from UMW and the address as per below:

UMW Lubricant International Sdn. Bhd.
Lot. 8, Jalan Utas (15/7),
P.O Box 7052,
40915 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Cost: RM25.00 per bottle of 1 liter.

Sales:+603-5163 5558

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.


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