Hyosung’s Infamous Plug Cap issue

The infamous plug cap or should I just say it’s the famous issue? Anyway, my Hyosung’s plug cap has been cracked and I’ve just clocked 4128 KM! Yesterday, my bike was jerking if I ride below 4K RPM and this was very annoying as Naza claims this issue has been fixed on the newly 2014 bike.

The new plug cap which is still the same brand called Golden is said to better insulated plug cap (from 20% to 30% Rubber), increased temperature (250 to 270 Celsius) compare to the previous version.

First I thought my plug cap could be an older version, I went to NAZA SC in Shah Alam today and the guys confirmed it is the newer version! Anyway, they kept my cracked plug cap and they might send it over as a sample to S&T Motors in Korea for further analysis.

I forgot to capture the image of the cracked plug cap as I were busy chatting with other riders! 😛

As the picture below, the only changes I’ve made to this bike is installing new TBR Silver Series muffler (Original). Could this be the issue of the plug cap cracked? TBR Muffler is widely installed on Hyosung bike (Special Edition or TBR Series) in Malaysia by NAZA.

For backup, I purchased another 2 plug caps, RM 35 each just incase it cracked or break down again.

So what are the symptoms?

-Bike will be jerking if you ride below 4K RPM
-Unstable RPM when the bike is Idle
-Unstable sound or noise from the exhaust pipe.

How do you differentiate the newly improved plug cap with the older one?

It’s easy! The newer version has a shining material finishing, just like a gold dust on it.

Looks like Naza have to request much more higher qualities Plug cap for Malaysian blade owners especially due to our country’s temperature?

To be honest, I heard some riders are using Suzuki’s plug cap which is said to be better than the stock ones. If this plug cap issue happens again, I might try Suzuki’s one.

Finger crossed that it will be fine as I’m planning to go Thailand on June for Sadao’s border bike week.

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  1. m fmz says:

    Hi, i have 650 blade, got the jerking issue like unstable fuel flow. Then it went to show FI light multiple times before sudden engine cut off. Since then it wont start. Is it due to plug cap?

  2. Fadzli says:

    Happen to me Blade April 2014 bought it, near 5K broken 1pcs, now 10K same happen again =.= not sure 1pcs or 2pcs, this is not bad luck but true manufacture defect or didn’t follow malaysia spec. Lucky happen near my house, engine suddenly off mid of road, before that felt something wrong already. if happen in middle of highway jam, u will gg.com.

    1st time ok, coz got deal with shop, any prob with bike they will towing foc. Now if inspect same thing, they will charge me RM 90 for towing, then plug cap RM55 [email protected]#$%. Called Naza Biker 03-55433266, line cant be reach forever. Just what the fish, big comp, useless. Now trying to find suzuki one, anyone has suggestion?

    • Chris (Hyosung Rider) says:

      Hi Fadzli, sorry for the late reply. Well I got mine broken twice actually, just after 5-6K. I always keep spare under my seat and when it broken, I can replace it myself. I think you should do the same. Well calling Naza SC can be a real pain. You might itself want to contact Bard from RZM Motor, they are helpful. Details can be found at the link below:


      • Fadzli says:

        Thanks for the info. Here pic plug cap cracking recently I kept. http://i.imgur.com/hD2epNe.jpg

        Btw, found my home area Kajang had Bike shop, selling plug cap for Naza Blade. I was called the shop, saying our customer using Yamaha model and so far ok. I was hmm, wanted to try rather use stock from naza. After reach shop, they only have 1 pcs left, i hope can change both, the existing one mine broken 1 pcs, then no choice i have to use back naza cap 1 unit. Haiz…this cap a bit small, didnt snap pic…

        Earlier i forgot to ask which yamaha model they use plug cap for my naza, lucky before left i get receipt, reach home saw the receipt written LC 135 Plug cap. I was LOL…well nvm try n see how…

        Result after a week+ now engine ‘semput’ again during raining few day ago. I was haiz, not again. This really peace of cr*p. Not sure LC or Naza cap crack this time. Lazy to open, my brain was washing SELL this bike n get better one.

        Call back the shop, said no stock yet. Dunno what happen with their supplier. Bike just sleep there, my kapcai run more than 5y+ no problem at all. Sorry to say, this is really F*CK UP…

      • Chris (Hyosung Rider) says:

        HI Fadzli,

        Sorry you’ve had such problems. I would suggest that you get the revised version of Plug cap from Naza SC in seksyen 15. The newer version has a shining finish as the picture above. The one you’ve sent in the picture is the older version. It should be RM 35 per piece. Give it a try and see how it goes. So far, it has been fine for me, 10K KM and still running. Cheers

      • Fadzli says:

        So u change new one both shining version is working fine?

      • Chris (Hyosung Rider) says:

        Yes, so far so good. But I tend to replace it every 10000KM.. It will be a good practice..NAZA SC number is 03-55143388 and if you’re bike is under warranty, replace it for free.

      • Fadzli says:

        Ok, I will try your suggestion. Bike warranty? my bike reach 10K then this problem raised. Haiz…i think warranty either 1-2y or 10K KM only. Now warranty under AEON another 10K. Btw the shop saying, the warranty cover Engine not accessories part. haiz….

  3. Mike P. Shanker says:

    Hi Bro,

    My bike has done about 3000 km and yesterday the rpm on idle is unstable a bit. Is this a plug cap issue ? Can I still ride to work and later to the shop to be checked and replaced ? (to work and shop is about 80km). Thanks.

    Mike PS

    • Chris (Administrator) says:

      HI Mike,
      Yes it could be a plug cap issue. If you ride below 4K RPM, does the bike jerks? If so, you will need to replace with a new plug cap. If you’re in budget, you can try to get an electrical tape (Black tape) and roll over the plug cap. It will do the trick, but this is just a temporary solution.

      • Mike P. Shanker says:

        This morning i removed the plug cap and inspected it but could not see any visible cracks on it. After riding for 20km its started to jerk like no fuel when riding slow about 4k-5k rpm. I will try to put the electrical tape (I always carry one on my back pack) and hope it can get me home today.

      • Chris (Administrator) says:

        You need to be aware there are 2 plug caps. One at the front and the other just below your bike oil tank. Give it a go by using electrical tape and see how it goes. Failing that, you will need to get a new plug cap. Get the newer version from Naza else you can try Suzuki Belang ones. Cheers

      • Mike P. Shanker says:

        The one below the fuel tank has a small scratch (I guess this could be the crack) I tapped it with the electrical tape and there was no problem after that. Thanks for the advise bro.

      • Chris (Administrator) says:

        I’m Glad this has worked for you. Cheers Mike

  4. Froz says:

    hi bro is me again.. it will be awesome if u upload some video of ur new tbr silver series.. i would love to check out the sound of it..thx bro

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