Hyosung Common Problems

These problems are based on 2014 GT250R that I’ve gathered online based on other Hyosung users.

Hyosung / Naza Blade common problems:

1. Cracked or broken Plug cap
2. Front sprocket nut comes off from the bolt.
3. Engine oil(EO) gets low if one travel long distance. i.e. I will need to top up EO If I travel about 500KM.
4. Hard to free / Neutral gear when the bike is in stationary position. i.e. Gear 1 or 2 to N. Read the article below on how to fix this.

Hyosung Clutch Cable Maintenance

I hope, Hyosung or it’s affiliated company will improve on the items below specifically on GT250R;

1. Stainless steel pipe
2. Top Gear indicator
3. Better quality handlebars
4. Better Monoshock, perhaps Ohlins brand?
5. Provide extended warranty to 20K KM

Just like other bikes, every machine has its own problems. However, there are nothing major for Hyosung but things can be improved in the future.

Below are the data compiled by one of the Malaysian Hyosung’s group admin (Jai Damansara). These data are based on what Hyosung’s owner wish to have / improved on their bike.

hyosung common problems

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83 Responses

  1. Avery Michael says:

    My 2012 Gt650R is doing something weird, when I start the bike it idles and then dies if I don’t continuously rev the engine. Plus for some reason when I rev the bike it backfires which something it never did before.

  2. Sanket says:

    Hey, I’m looking to buy the hyosung gtr 250 in india,
    I mostly use it for city commute and weekend rides, I’m looking to buy, can u tell is it worth buying this bike in 2020, also can u make me aware about what problems i might face in future if i buy this.

    • Rider Chris says:

      Hi the common problems are listed in this article. Hyosung is one of the cheap 250CC bike out there that you can try and learn before jumping on the big bikes.

  3. Bharat Naik says:

    Sir my gt650r 2012, was running fine and then suddenly it started going slow like a normal bike but works fine, but not that fast, and doesn’t run that fast when i pull the acceleration,and also have cold starting problem whrn the engine is cold i have to wait for about 30sec to 1min

  4. Larry Wimberly says:

    I grounded my motorcycle out while playing with the hazard relay trying to get my turn signals working. it popped the main fuse and when I replaced it the bike would crank but not start. I then looked into the spark and there is no spark I replaced ignition coils and spark plug caps still no spark. what could it be CDI unit or am I missing another fuses somewhere 09 Hyosung gt250r

    • Rider Chris says:

      Check with a diagnostic tool to find the faulty error. You will need to get Hyosung dealer to assist you on this.

  5. Troy cardozo says:

    Hi…. Can any 1 help me regarding my hyosung gt 250 r. I have starting problem, sometimes it starts normally, sometime I cannot start at all. If I push n start, den it starts. I have checked everything related mechanical, everything is fine.
    Can any 1 please help me find the problem

  6. Ziggy Briggs says:

    I have a hyosung gt 125r. I believe there is an electrical fault although the lights and indicators work but it won’t start at all you can hear the relay clicking but not every time we tried checking the wires in the loom there was one wire that looked scolded and looked to be melting the other wires but all of the electrics come on I have tried to bump start it got it going but it was like it was just in limp mode no power at all I don’t know to much about bikes so I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

    Please give me some advice!!

  7. Carlos Aguirre says:

    How do I change the gear shifter on a 2017 hyosung GD250R?

  8. Akshay Keerthi says:

    Hii, my gt250r Speedo is acting weird… It displays proper speeds while riding normally but when I use the horn the speed shown jumps to a much higher reading like 200s or even 400s sometimes..
    The horn seems to be low, not as loud as it should be.. any idea what the issue with my bike is!?

  9. bruce says:

    hi there my name is Bruce from north carolina I own a 2008 hyosung gt650r im haveing an issue with the bike not starting now i had a short in the starter relaythe bike ran great before this issue now that i replaced that part the will crank but wont start what do any of you think is the issue first time bike owner no very little about bikes so any help with this would be great miss riding my bike alot

  10. Chintan Dave says:

    Hi Chris, I have GT 250R comet, In my speedometer everything is working even the time is working properly bt, the numeric speed is always stays in 0, I couldn’t understand the reason.. can you please help me with this ???

  11. Fahad Bd says:

    There is anyone who can say honestly about miles performance ? how miles it has per 1 Liter ?

  12. Fahad Bd says:

    Hello, i am Fahad from Bangladesh. recently GT125 r kick off 2016 model in our country. i have visited their showroom last night for buying. but got upset because it has far between handle and seat that i think is not comfortable to ride. friends suggest me to make sure this one , because this is not comfortable to move easily. but i really motivated because of its gorgeous looking. what i should do ?

  13. Ãmbį Jay Bee says:

    hi i got gtr 250r my bike i put the gear but bike never move .i try 2nd gear 3rd gear also same no movement .i check the cable all in good codition so i cnt find the problem

  14. Sp Lavigne says:

    Hey i got a gt650r 2009 the bike start then die if i dont give gas. After 5 min of riding if i stop to a red light the rpm drop to 1000-1100 but the bike dont stall. Sometime the bike run really well and out of nowhere it wont pass 5000rpm or 105 km/h. I shut it down then restart it and it run well. The fuel pump and spark plugs are new and ive use a injector cleaner last week. Can you help me ?

  15. Brendon says:

    I tried the link that was displayed after the first 4 points (Hyosung Clutch Cable Maintenance) and it just takes you to an error 404 pages, please help

  16. kevin says:

    Hi was woundering if you may be able to shine a little light on a problem i am having with a gt 650 hyosung a friend has bought when trying to excelerate hard or mild the bike back fires and will not rev past 5000 rpm if you put choke on and do same it still back fires but not as bad and revs 11000 i have checked fuel suply all good have striped and rebuilt both carbys checked coils and plug cap resitance all good @ 1kom so i ran bike with tank and air box off and under exeleration the front carby back fires bad how ever when doing the same and spraying carby clean in the cabys the miss goes and revs perfectly indicating a lean mixture i have read about a wire to cut on cdi unit that can stop this but cdi unit shown is not the one on bike about to check comp leak down test starting to thick cdi problem or valve clearence have you heard of this before any help will be greatly appreciated

  17. Aniket Arya says:

    I want to buy to gtr250r second hand from karol bagh Delhi… What thing should I check before buying that bike!!! Pls answer my question..

    • Hi, well check first the mileage..if it is beyond 50-60 thousand KMs, the owner should have done Valve clearance. The rest should be just wear & tear parts that you can replace.

  18. Ian robert pickering says:

    Hi I can smell like a burning rubber under my sea on the hyosung gt125r any body help

  19. Tristan says:

    Hey mate, have a hyosung 250r fuel injected motor in my racing lawn mower, after taking the plugs out and disconnecting wires to make adjustments to my steering, I’ve then plugged everything back where it’s meant to go not the fuel pump won’t prime, there fore the motor will turn over but won’t fire!

  20. david says:

    My hazard fuse box by the battery under seat is making a ticking noise still not firing up even with new caps going to change relays & starter coils on front & rear see if that helps ?

    • I think one of your fuse has broken. Check the fuse (Green color I think), ensure it is not broken.

    • David says:

      Hi Chris still can’t get bike to start I put it into a local garage & they said the stator wasn’t pumping enough voltage to start bike ? Do you know the part number for a gt125r 2007 model please? , I ordered 1 from Korea it come I fitted part still same problem wont start , it tries 2 though ? Also any ideas where the green fuse is located I can only find the blue 1 in the rear compartment under passenger seat. Thanks in advance I’m dying to get this bike running .

      • Hi David, sorry, I am not sure about the part number. Have you checked with you local Hyosung or anyone specialized in Hyosung regarding the issues you’re having? As for the fuse, can you email me a photo of yours? just click on Contact Me on my site.

  21. Pablo Lopez says:

    Hey guys I have a hyosung 2012 and it won’t start just cranks then I tryed a couple more time then it started cranking on its own I turn the kill switch of and the key off and stii kept cranking until it died then we just unplug the battery then we charged battery but once we try to connect the wires it cranks and it’s completely shut off

    • Looks like there is an issue with your bike’s starter relay. Check the cables and connectors, ensure them are intact. Failing that, please check with Hyosung service center.

  22. David says:

    Hi Chris can you tell me what plug cap I need please on a Hyosung gt125 r 07 plate having problems firing up , cheers for any help iv changed plugs got brand new battery & changed fuses so far ??

  23. Bryan San says:

    Hi Rider Chris,

    Currently my Blade GT250R 2013 unable to start up. when i turn on key and switch doesn’t show FI red light on. and some more without hearing the sound when we normally switch on. nothing happen when pressing starter. I have changed the battery, but still the same. is that a common problem?

  24. Neal says:

    Hi Rider Chris,

    Firstly, thanks for answering all these questions you’re a top bloke

    I have recently had some electrical issues with my GT250R 2012 model (or so I think).

    Sometimes I’ve noticed that the kill switch won’t always give power to the bike, sometimes I have to turn the ignition on and off before the FI button turns red. Recently, however, I was riding my bike and power just left the bike out of nowhere. It happened 3 times, at different speeds and in different conditions on the ride back. I got it serviced, the mechanic said there were no issues…. I tested it today, it died 5 minutes into the ride

    I replaced the battery and the bike has endured some and weather over the last few weeks.

    Any idea where to start with this one? I don’t want another mechanic to take my money and leave me with a dangerous bike


  25. ER Raashid Khaan says:

    hi Chris,my 25o is 1yr old with around 4300 kms done.i serviced it,cleanedthe wholefuel supply system,pour new MOBIL1 10w30mineral oil[1700ml] instead of semi or full synthetic without replacing older oil filter as it needs to b chnged after 10,000kms.after running around 28 kms..when i started it next day it started jerking and loss of power. please help.and also is there any permanent solution for plug and cap problems?PLEASE HELP BROTHER

    • Hi, at the moment, (I am not sure about the 2016 models) the plug cap will remain as a issue. I tend to replace it every 10000KM regardless of its condition. For power loss, there are many factors but for jerking below 4000RPM it is mainly due to plug caps. Try to use electrical tape and tape it thick on those plug caps and see if that resolves it? sometime a small hairline crack can cause the machine to have power jerking. All the best.

  26. ceeme521 says:

    Hi Chris, may i know what normal problem about 650. Because many 250 have many problem after long ride. Question is, have 650 can use for long ride and use for long term?. My friend told to me many hyosung comet have stop at highway. Have 650 have big problem like 250?

    • Hi, all the machines has its own problems but if you do regular maintenance it should be fine. I’ve rider thousands of KMs with my Hyo 650 and never had any issues. I do bring along spare plug caps to be honest but never used it before. Cheers

  27. Field Mitch says:

    Hi Chris,
    I have a 2013 Hyosung Gt 650r i was riding and it cut out.
    I got it started again and it used 3/4 of a tank fuel in just 30km.
    It’s blowing blue smoke f1 light comes on.
    It’s jerky below 4000revs then normal at 5000revs .
    Can’t figure it out is it ECU problem?


  28. norman says:

    hi have a Hyosung gt125r starts and runs but has low power and stops after about harf a mile .it stats up but runs at very low revs

  29. Thom Slaske says:

    When I was out for a ride on my 2010 GT250R yesterday, a guy cut me off and I had to slow suddenly. When I tried to get going again, the bike wouldn’t move, and oil was coming out from under the sprocket cover. Before I take a look, what do you think would cause this? I was really hoping the countryside didn’t break….

  30. mcd says:

    hi i got a GD250N and its got fuel leakage from the fuel tank and my friend also got this problem . Is there any quality issue with this part

  31. mohd saboor says:

    hi I have hyosung 650 gtr 2012 I have the issue of engine breakdown at 4000 to 5000 rpm the engine is breaking down while running and suddenly firing up again can u plzz help me

    • Hi, if your bike is jerking at 3-5K RPM and its fine while running on higher RPM. it is most likely die your plug cap(s) has broken or cracked. Try to tape it with an electrical tape and see to troubleshoot further.

  32. Pyro says:

    Yup mr.Lim, I also GD250n’s user and suffer the same issues. Plus, on my 1st month, radiator fan seems not function but it already rectified. But, poor morning start-up is the main problem. Someone said it maybe cause by side-stand start sensor. And now, my digital speedometer going hi-wire and currently cannot set to km/h. Anything else is ok for now.

  33. LIM says:

    hi, i own a gd 250n,and the engine tend to dies of when i turn the throtle or dies of suddenly when in low speed like say 20km or 10 km.i have check with the importer and they say its like this and its normal.can anyone help out.tq.

  34. Hi Pouya, I’m not sure if anyone else has tried non standard stock headers but the only way to know is to put back the stock headers back again and test. If you don’t feel the power loss, you should know the answer then. Cheers

  35. pouya says:

    Hi, i changed my stock headers to arrow and i lost a little bit of power (the punch between 7 to 10-11 rpm) wanna know anybody had this problem before? can i fix it somehow or i should but the stock headers back again

  36. Alexis Figueroa says:

    Does anyone kno why my 2012 gt250r redlines at 4000 rpm

  37. sunny says:

    hello every one…i have hyosung gt250r 2008 any 1 can tell me about the maximum engine temperature degrees go?thanks

  38. Chris (Administrator) says:

    Hi Warren, When you put in the Gear, did you pull up your side stand? If you have, can you please check if the side stand sensor wire are OK? Personally I would remove the wire as it can be a real pain sometimes.

  39. Warren Farmer says:


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