Low Engine Oil?

Low Engine Oil Level On A Motorcycle? I find this is interesting. I was on Facebook and found someone ( Mr Amin) posted in the group asking about Engine Oil (EO) level reading when you first got the bike. I must say that I have to agree with him. The EO reading when you first purchase the bike is quite low!

Below is the EO reading of my bike at 120KM, in a vertical position. If you would like to measure your EO level accurately, please read the article at the link below:

How to measure EO level correctly.

So, based on the survey conducted by Mr Amin on Facebook, below are the results of 55 Hyosung/Blade owners.

Note: The question of the survey was, “Do you add / top up EO after purchasing you new bike? i.e. before it reaches 1000KM”

*Survey and pie chart credited to Mr Amin. Special thank to him for the effort he took and provided the results.

In a conclusion, 41% of the feedback said they do add / top up EO after purchasing their bike. Some of the comments also mentioned that the EO is drying up when they traveled long distance journey and there are no symptoms of EO leaking from the engine etc.

59% said the EO low level is fine until the next service / change. i.e. At 1000KM service.

I was quite curious and I don’t want to have any major problems with my bike. Therefore, I called up the manufacturer (Naza Shah Alam) and spoke to Mr Khairul which is one of their QA (Quality Assurance) representative and he said, it would be better off for me to add on EO and they will do it for free.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go Shah Alam and I added the EO myself. The recommended EO for my GT250R was Motul 3100 10w40.

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