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If you’re planning to enter/exit Brunei, you can now apply for the Brunei vehicle pass (VES) online rather than waiting in the Que and filling up the form manually.

This article is created based on my solo Borneo Ride to explore beautiful Malaysia and I’ve also created an article on how you can cross in and out of Brunei using your Car or Motorcycle.

Brunei Royal Customs

Brunei Royal Customs and Excise Department in its continuous efforts to improve their service delivery has announced the implementation of Vehicle Exit/Entry Online System (VES), as their new initiative for traders and members of the public.

Brunei Vehicle Pass (VES) Online

This system will facilitate and expedite the application and approval process for vehicles exiting or entering the border checkpoints by applying through a website which can be accessed at any time and anywhere. A QR code system has been introduced by the department where the VES Pass will be scanned to cut the waiting time due to manual inputting of data in the system.

Members of the public must utilise the system and to obtain their VES Pass before entering/exiting border checkpoints by registering their vehicles electronically prior to the date of entry/departure and the VES Pass is valid for 3 months from the date of registration. Source: brudirect dot com.

How To Apply for a Brunei Vehicle Pass (VES) Online?

Step 1: Go to Brunei Single Window Website and choose the country of your vehicle registration.

Note: The Brunei site may go down at times and when this happened, you will just need to try again a few hours later.

Brunei Vehicle Pass Online
Brunei Vehicle Pass Online Form

Step 2: Enter the remaining details on their site accordingly and click on the Vehicle Pass button.

Brunei Vehicle Pass Online
Brunei Vehicle Pass Online Form

Step 3: You will now see a pop up confirming your details. Once you’re happy with it, scroll down the screen.

Brunei Vehicle Pass Online
Brunei Vehicle Pass Details Confirmation

Step 4: Once you’ve scrolled down, Check on the little box on the left to confirm the details you’ve entered is accurate. Next, click on the Print button.

Brunei Vehicle Pass Online
Brunei Vehicle Pass Online Terms

Step 5: That’s it. You can print and scan your VES Pass (QR Code) at any Checkpoints when exiting or entering Brunei Darussalam.

Brunei Vehicle Pass Online
Brunei Vehicle Pass Online Sample

If your VES pass has expired, just bring along the expired copy and scan it again, it will be renewed automatically by their system. However, I would also suggest you bring your latest car insurance,  vehicle blue/registration card just in case if you need them.


The process is easy and I must thank Brunei government for providing such service to everyone. I hope Thailand would follow Brunei customs as that would easy the traffic at their International borders.

Have you crossed into Brunei? How was your experience?

7 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    This design of the foam is super freaking complicated ! It is nightmare !
    1) The last part – The Dick at the bottom (freaking SMALL). It is poor !
    2) If i submitted the foam but i missed the printing, then the screen has disappeared and back to the empty foam again.(So, i need to fill out a new foam again ?) Is there anyway that i could refer back my submitted foam (cuz i attempt to to print it again) ?

  2. Hatty Mahlisa Mahdon says:

    Hai Rider Chris what should i prepare if we driving a rental van?

    • Hi, Hi, if the Van is registered to a company, you will need Form 24 (SSM company registration details) authorisation letter & FORM 49.

      If the Van is registered on an individual name, you will just need his/her I.C. Photocopy and authorisation letter.

  3. MPC says:

    Hai. Did I still need to bring the registration card and insurance if I have a copy of VES form?

  4. 张捷淋 says:

    Tarikh Mansuh Lesen Kenderaan apa maksud ? roadtax kah ?

  5. Leena Abdul says:

    Hi..Yesterday I already fill up the form, a pop up confirming my details but QR code was not there only the details. Why is it like that?

  6. Lim CL Lynn says:

    I can’t get the pass because I don’t have a printer. How then ?

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