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If you own a Benelli motorcycle in Malaysia, you might want to download and keep the Benelli Malaysia Spare Parts Price Catalogue which can be downloaded at this page for your reference.

Before that, a little bit of history about Benelli in Malaysia. Italian motorcycle brand Benelli has officially appointed Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd as the new distributor of Benelli motorcycles in Malaysia since February 2017.

Mforce Bike Holdings will be the assembler, distributor and providing after-sales service and spare parts for all Benelli products sold in Malaysian market.

Benelli Malaysia Spare Parts Price Catalogue
Image: Mforce Malaysia


You can download the Benelli Malaysia Spare Parts price catalogue via the link(s) below.

Disclaimer: Please note this Benelli parts catalogues are obtained directly from Mforce and if there are any discrepancies, please contact your local Benelli distributor. These catalogues information are credited to Mforce Malaysia. Also, I DO NOT SELL ANY PARTS.

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  1. Saimon says:

    Hi there,i just wanna ask About the sproket tnt250, Where can i get ? , i have to replace, Thank you pls reply

  2. Najin says:

    Hi I would like to know if the clutch plates of benelli tnt 300 matches with any other bike ?

  3. Hi Earl, you can’t order online directly from Benelli Malaysia as you will need to walk in. You can try those Chinese websites at the links below to buy parts online.

  4. Earl Aiman A Granada says:

    Hi Chris,

    How do we order these items?? Is it possible to do online transactions?

  5. David Pilkington says:

    Hi, Chris!
    I own a tnt300 Tornado and am pleased with the bike except for its over-manic engine, resulting, in my view, from being too low-geared. It might be the wiz at smoking away from the lights but, when it comes to long-distance country rides, I find the engine to be way too busy. Even pottering through villages at 40kph, I can keep it in gear 6, just so as not to wake everyone up! I’d like to be revving 10 to 20% lower than this and have no worries about it slowing my 0-60 time!
    My thinking is to higher the final drive ratio by fitting a larger sprocket, if available, let’s say a 16 or 17 tooth jobbie, in place of the standard 14T one. I’ve looked at the parts catalogue and, not surprisingly, that just shows the standard sprkt. Do you know if 16T or 17T sprkts are available and do you have a view on my mod idea?

    • Hi David, You can install bigger sprocket but you will loose the pick up ratio on your machine but if you’re just doing easy ride, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not sure where you can get those after market sprocket but you can try those Chinese websites at the link below. Another thing you can consider is to change your engine oil to the higher viscosity. i.e. 15W50.

  6. hi, you can contact Mforce and see if they have such accessories for you can ask in TNT135 group in facebook.


    im useing tnt135, where and how i can get accessories fot my tnt135 like brake/clutch lever, frame slider etc..pls advise


    im useing tnt135, where and how i can get accessories fot my tnt135 like brake/clutch lever, frame slider etc..pls advise

  9. Emir says:

    How about the benelli tnt 250 spoket set price?? Its not on the list

    • Emir says:

      I live at kuantan. Im been searching all over the town . The benelli spoket front and rear is different than other bike.. Chain we can use what ever brand we want. Size 520 and length about 110,114 or 120 is suitable

      • Hi Emir, I would suggest that you just get the original ones from MForce. Perhaps you can arrange it with them. As for TNT250, I’m afraid the list that I got here is directly from the manufacturer. So maybe they’ve missed it. Cheers

  10. Don IzzatKhairi Serizawa Al-Qa says:

    hai rider chirs.
    where can i find benelli leoncino head lamp. its easy to install? i want to put this lamp on my bike.. bajaj v15.

  11. Ian Malik says:

    NONE of the links (above) work!! Please rectify asap…

    • Hi Ian, I’ve just tried all the links and it appears to be working fine on my end. Can you please try to clear your web browser’s cache and see? Also, if you in the Country where Google services has been blocked, those links will not work. On another note, I am not a Benelli dealer and this article is merely to provide information.

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