Hyosung GiVi Top Case Box

Some of you asked me for some pictures of the Hyosung GiVi Top Case Box that I have installed. Here you go.

I’ve customized the bracket to fit in the rear signals and the number plate holder. It took few hours to come out with few ideas because I don’t want them to modify nor remove the pillion rider grip holder.

Back view of the bracket.

Back view of the 45L Givi E450 top case box.  Based on the GiVi site, this is what they said about this top box. “Boasting a huge 45 litre capacity, the E450 SIMPLY II is the perfect companion for those mile crunching trips, be it solo riding or two up. Able to store two full face helmets ups the convenience level for those long haul weekends, Without forsaking practicality, a one push button hinge is incorporated into the locking system for ease of use, while with safety in mind the E450 SIMPLY II comes equipped with features for the optional fitment of a safety brake light kit.”

Here it is! It is no longer look nice? (someone said to me) but, it is very comfortable for me especially going for a long ride. I can now fit in my stuff without the need of carrying a bag. I can also put my Laptop bag in it! Oh Yes! This installation was done at GiVi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at about USD150 as of current currency rate (Jan 2016). You can order it online via GiVi website or just contact any of your local distributor and they might be able to help.

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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