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I always loved the sports look of the GTR and also loved the riding pleasure of the GT (Naked) version. Not that I can’t ride the sports handlebars, I am used to it but it just can be very tiring if you often ride long distances.

I’ve done custom modifications on my handlebar and installed a higher windshield and still maintain the sports look of my GTR, at least for now. The riding experience has significantly improved and It feels great, just like a touring machine! In this Hyosung Custom Windshield & Handlebar article, I will share some information which could be useful if you wish to do the same modification on your machine.

The Details

Note: If you’re just looking to adjust your handlebars above the triple clamp, please refer to the link below.

Adjusted Handlebars On Hyosung

I have seen many people do custom windshield jobs on an older model of Hyosung as per the image below but I was having a hard time finding someone who has done it on the newer model.

This is because the newer model (facelift) mount is different and it is not like the older ones where you have bolts on the sides and you can just do a little modification and use screws to fit in any windshield. Honestly, I’ve thought of using a universal extended windshield that you can just clip onto the existing windshield but I’ve changed my mind as I think it would not last a long-term especially when you’re riding at a higher speed.

Before I go any further, I would like to thank two gentlemen from Malaysia, Mr Khoo Hock Hin for providing ideas on what type of windshield I should try and Mr Zul Arshad for assisting in providing Mr Khoo’s contact.

I’ve used SYM/Modenas’s Elegan 150cc windshield. I purchased it at NKS Sentul in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for about RM 127.00 inclusive of GST. If you’re outside of Malaysia, maybe you can contact them directly as per the details below and see if they are willing to do International delivery.

Address: 648, Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-4041 9430
Google Map: NKS Sentul, Malaysia
Website: https://www.nkssentul.com.my/v1/index.php
Email: Contact NKS

Below is the view from inside of the Hyosung windshield and the handlebar. I did cut/grind the Windshield on the sides as it was touching the handle’s brake pump when I turned extreme left.

The Rizoma thin (normal) handlebar with Risers.

When you install a higher handlebar, you will need to replace the standard brake hose with a longer one. I’ve used steel braided hose as it responds slightly faster than the standard ones but you can just any of those longer brake hoses.

Another view from inside of the Hyosung windshield and the handlebar.

The front view of the Hyosung windshield and the handlebar. I’ve used four screws as per the image below to overlap the existing windshield.

The side view of the Hyosung windshield and the handlebar.

The back view of the Hyosung windshield and the handlebar.

Another view of the Hyosung windshield and the handlebar.

I’ve also created a quick video and uploaded it on YouTube as per below which will give you a better view of this modification.

Honestly, the windshield installation can be improved. i.e. Cut the existing ones in a slightly oval or “U” shape and install the one I’ve purchased so it will look better. Is it just me who would like to give this setup a try first and perhaps, try the improved installation in the future? I will update you if I do so.

I’ve tested this for a few days now and I can say I felt like on a tourer machine! My seating position is quite straight up and it is no longer as tiring as it was before and I am very much enjoying it. The higher windshield has also helped a lot as you don’t feel like you will be thrown away (When you don’t lean forward) when you’re at a higher speed.

The installation of the custom Windshield and Handlebar was done by a professional team at Gewes Bike Centre at a very affordable price. They took a few hours to get this done but why rush? they’re just focusing on the quality of their work.

Thanks to Mr Tomz (Faizal) and Mr Shah, the guys from Gewes Bike Centre who completed my machine’s Windshield and Handlebar installation, I must say that I am pleased with the service provided. If you’re in Malaysia and need to get hold of them, their details can be found below:

Address: Gewes Bike Centre, 38, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/20, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: Tom – +6 018-2083088
Facebook Page: Gewes Bike Centre
Google Map: Gewes Bike Centre location

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