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Hyosung Common Problems

These problems are based on 2014 GT250R that I’ve gathered online based on other Hyosung users.

Hyosung / Naza Blade common problems:

1. Cracked or broken Plug cap
2. Front sprocket nut comes off from the bolt.
3. Engine oil(EO) gets low if one travel long distance. i.e. I will need to top up EO If I travel about 500KM.
4. Hard to free / Neutral gear when the bike is in stationary position. i.e. Gear 1 or 2 to N. Read the article below on how to fix this.

Hyosung Clutch Cable Maintenance

I hope, Hyosung or it’s affiliated company will improve on the items below specifically on GT250R;

1. Stainless steel pipe
2. Top Gear indicator
3. Better quality handlebars
4. Better Monoshock, perhaps Ohlins brand?
5. Provide extended warranty to 20K KM

Just like other bikes, every machine has its own problems. However, there are nothing major for Hyosung but things can be improved in the future.

Below are the data compiled by one of the Malaysian Hyosung’s group admin (Jai Damansara). These data are based on what Hyosung’s owner wish to have / improved on their bike.

hyosung common problems

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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Hyosung GD250r Starts in neutral and run until i put bike in gear it dies immediately. I bypassed the clutch switch that didn’t solve issue bike still dies when I go into gear?


I have proble with my hyosung gt250r 2010 model i have cHE display on the panel no engine error display but when start rung i feel no power and afet i run for 10 to 20 meters it runs nomal. Can any one tells waht the problem?

Mohammad qiyami

Hi bro you fix your cHE???how??

Mohammad qiyami

Yes i do that be i cant fix its diag show us what is it


Здравейте имам проблем с моя 650GT като сипя бензин почва да капи през снадката от колекторите и крайното гърне когато не е запален


I have gtr 250 . Now the problem is one cylinder is working and the other one is not working properly
Once we give full throttle it starts partially working . So i ve ceated the valves and also repaired all the electrical sides but now also the same issue appears. Can you guys please help me to fix this.


Exactly , but those plugs are new and are working perfectly. Will the relays plays any role in this?


2013 st7 been jumping out of 1st gear on its on 12k miles