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Hyosung Cold Start Problem

Hyosung Motorcycle Cold Start Problem – Well, it has been almost 3 weeks now I  am having this problem. Basically, my bike is having hard time to start in the early morning, i.e. Cold start and it takes me about 10-20 minutes to fire it up. However, once the engine is warmed up, the subsequent start fired up without any problems. So the issues is with cold start and not warm start.

I don’t think there is an issue with the battery as the bike is just about 3 months old and  the lights, horn, signal are working in a good condition.

I did not manage to record a video to describe my problem, but upon searching online, I found someone posted a video which the issue is similar to mine. The video can be view below:

*Video credited to the original owner. I do not own the rights.

I’ve read online and there are only two possibilities that I’ve narrowed down. This could be due to Engine Temperature Sensor (ETS) or the Roll Over Switch. (RO).

Today, I took half day and ride my bike to Naza Service Center in Shah Alam. The first thing that they checked is to see if the is any errors via the Hyosung Diagnostic tool as per below.

The good news is, there is no error shown at the ODO meter.

The next step, I insisted them to check on the battery just to make sure it is good and it looks like that is the case. The battery reading was increasing as soon as they Rev the engine at about 5K RPM which indicates both Battery and the Rectifier is in good hand.

They have then concluded that this issue is with the Engine Temperature Sensor (ETS) and it is located at the left side of the engine.

Here is my faulty Engine Temperature Sensor (ETS)

The faulty ETS with the new ETS package / cover. At this point, they have insallaed the new ETS and I got it for free as my bike is still under warranty.

Finally, the ETS has been changed on my bike and the cold start issue seems to be resolved.

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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Hi there…is these problems also as Hyosung Exiv GD250n?

Zachary Pierce

Im having the exact same issue. But when its in the sun. Sometimes if it just sits for a while. My gears are funny at times. And rpms are not where they should be. I should be getting alot more out of my bike than i am. Its been in the shop 10 to 11 times. Sent to the manufacturers. And about to go back again Should i recommend this? And once you fixed your bike. Did you get better performance? Every blue moon. My bike will run the way it should. I get 10 mph more out of first… Read more »

Zachary Pierce

Im speaking of your starting issue in my comment. And also i forgot the word ‘run’ right before 2000 rpms

Mokoera Te Amo

Thanks for the information bro. Is this solely for efi models or would this be the case for carb’d models too. Regards


Hi there…is these problems also as Hyosung Exiv GD250n?

HamZa NiZar

hi i m hamza i want to thank you for this website to help the hyosung riders so, i have a gt 250i model 2012 19 000kms my problem is the engine can not take the stable RPM (1,5*1000) on my engine sometimes he accelerate automaticly so i cant ride on low speed (2*1000 or 1*1000 and the engine switsh of if i don’t give gas), the engine can not take the diet i’ve clean air filter, and the tank gas, and i’ve put the additive with gaz to clean the injectors, ive changed the IAP NO 1 and ive… Read more »