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Custom GPS / Mobile Holder

In the recent weeks, I’ve been surveying online to see if there is any specific GPS or Mobile holder for Hyosung. Unfortunately, I can’t really find one or maybe I’ve missed it?

Anyway, I have purchased two types of holders and managed to tweaked in to fit on my Hyosung handle bars.

As per the image below, this is the waterproof bag case type holder which sits perfectly on a adjusted handlebars and it also comes with a safety strap.

Features : (This is what the manufacturer said)

* Protect mobile phones against water, dust, dirt and sand.
* Waterproof up to IPX8 Certified to 10 meters;
* Crystal Clear Window on both sides, perfect for taking video and pictures.
* Provides waterproof protection for mobile phone while maintaining full touch screen functionality;
* With a simple snap and lock access, easy to use product provides all the protection you will need.

This is the second holder which comes with a water proof case. Which looks more tidy 🙂

Features : (This is what the manufacturer said)

* Waterproof
* Suitable for Mobile Phone, GPS
* 360° rotating holder
* Easy to install holder on the handle bar (Not on a Hyosung)

This has a better view for the rider compare to the above ones. I can’t attach this to the handlebars as there are no space for it and if I try to install it at the triple-clamp bars, it will hit the handlebars. Therefore, I’ve used 3M double sided tape to stick the holder just above the Odometer.

The side view on how this water proof case looks like.

Once I’m done navigating, I’ll take the waterproof case out and push the holder close to the windscreen and tighten it up so that it looks clean and proper.

Perhaps the video below will you give you a better understanding on how it works 🙂

If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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tukang sapu

Its not GD250, definitely difference brand bike…change bold nut in middle, to fit GPS…i saw in video/pic many of them did customized as specially full firing bike no place to put phone/gps…we have try n error our self and get some pro technician to help as well…

ram 1 of brand i saw many customized bracket etc…


Hi Chris. Well, in I only found the one that using strap. But there’s no space at handle bar to actually strap it. How?


Okay Chris. Noted.