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Cheap Motorcycle Paint Job – HarapParah Putra Stickers

    HarapParah Putra Stickers (previously known as Gracious GraFX) is a workshop based in Jeram, Selangor (Malaysia) and it is owned by Azizi who is a UNISEL graduate in Graphic designing.

    Many bikers often use his service as he offers cheap motorcycle paint job.

    He has worked on different types of motorcycles and his end result work is excellent. 

    All you need to do is discuss with him on your ideas and I’m sure he can work out something for you.

    Type of Services

    • Motorcycle Body Paint Job
    • Motorcycle Rims Paint Job
    • Fibre Works
    • Repair Motorcycle Body Parts
    • Restoration
    • Custom Stickers
    • Helmet Paint Job

    Paint Job On My Motorcycles

    Paint Job on the tank, coverset, rims and some stickers. Cost RM 300.00

    Gracious GraFX Putra Stickers
    Azizi’s work on my Hyosung (2013)

    Paint Job on my side boxes and rims. Cost RM 200.00

    Azizi’s work on my Benelli TRK 502 (2018)

    Paint Job on my rims, fork, fuel tank, calipers and side covers. Cost: RM450.00

    Azizi’s work on my Benelli TRK 502 (2020)

    Pricing Range

    Depending on the design, motorcycle condition, the range would be between RM 100 – RM 750. For the actual price you may contact him directly.

    Questions & Answers

    Why does he charge cheap?

    The shop that he is renting is cheap (RM 300/month) and it’s located just 2 minutes away from his house. He doesn’t waste left-over paint and re-uses them for another project. He can produce his work at a fraction of the cost compared to those who does it elsewhere.

    How is his work quality?

    EXCELLENT! I have no other words to describe. For the price that I paid, I am very happy. Perhaps you can have a look at some of his work in his album gallery here.

    How does he do the painting job?

    He uses gun spray and often finishes it off with coating. Check out some of his work.

    Is it difficult to find his workshop?

    Honestly, if you navigate via GPS using Google map etc, you will be arriving at his workshop. The issues that many had was since his house is located in a rural area, they often think his place does not exist.

    I’m Interested, what should I do?

    You can Whatsapp Azizi via +6 017 665 8500 and do mention that you was recommended by Rider Chris. Whilst I don’t get a penny recommending his service, at least he would know you are a genuine customer.

    Harapparah Garage
    Harapparah Workshop


    Whatsapp: +6 017 665 8500 (Azizi)

    Facebook: Putra Stickers

    Instagram: Putra Stickers

    HarapParah Workshop Location

    Address: Lot 3977, Jalan Rizab Masjid, Kampung Bukit Cherakah, 45800 Jeram, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    GPS Coordinates: 3.2641282,101.3761423

    Map: Google Link

    Google Street View: Link

    Final Say

    He might take some time to finish his work and you got to be patient! Don’t rush if you want quality work on your motorcycle and for the past 3 projects he has been working on my motorcycle, I am very happy with his work. I would also suggest that you make an appointment with him so he can advise you on the availibility to work on your motorcycle.

    Have you tried his service(s)? How was it?

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