Benelli TRK 502 / 502X Owner’s Manual

Please take the time to read this Benelli TRK 502 / 502X Owner’s Manual thoroughly, so as to enjoy all the advantages of your TRK 502 / 502X. The Owner’s Manual does not only instruct you in how to operate, inspect and maintain your motorcycle, but also in how to safeguard yourself and others from trouble and injury. In addition, the many tips given in this manual will help keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition. All this information credited to Benelli Italia.

Benelli TRK 502 / 502X Owner's Manual Guide
Image: Benelli Italia

Benelli continually seeks advancements in product design and quality. Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your motorcycle and this manual.

Manual Download

Download the owner’s manual from the link below:

TRK 502 / TRK 502 X Owner’s Manual Download 

TRK 502/50X Maintenance Guide

Below are few General maintenance and lubrication chart from the owner’s manual book.

Image: Benelli Italia

General maintenance and lubrication chart.

Image: Benelli Italia

General maintenance and lubrication chart.

Image: Benelli Italia

General maintenance and lubrication chart.

Image: Benelli Italia

General maintenance and lubrication chart.

Image: Benelli Italia

Engine Oil For Benelli TRK502/502X

Choosing the right engine oil can be quite difficult sometimes. Honestly, most engine oil these days can be just good enough for your motorcycle but what you actually need to pay attention is not the brand, but the standard and its classification. For Benelli TRK 502, the recommended Engine Oil grade are as per below:

Engine oil :

SAE viscosity grades: 10W-50
Recommended engine oil grade: API SJ-JASO MA2
Oil change: 3 Liter without oil filter removal
Oil change: 3.2 Liter with oil filter removal

If you have any questions concerning this manual, please consult a Benelli dealer.


Maintaining TRK is not that expensive and like any other motorcycle, it will break someday. If you service it regularly, your machine will perform well.

What do you think about the new Benelli TRK 502 X? Do you own it? Share with us your thoughts and experience via the comment box below. Also, feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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Terra Pyrat

Just got the TRK 502 (not X) and hit the 1000km first service in 2 weekends (!!).
The dealer was “surprised”.
Bike is crazy fun! Older, returning rider and this bike checked all the boxes to get back into it. I have gone with the KRIEGA system for panniers/tailbag as it didn’t add weight and doesn’t impact handling performance.
Planning the first overnight/long distance trip this month.

Thanks for posting the above schedules. I have saved so I can access from the cloud if I can’t find the OM.


Hello, Could i ask the question related to engine oil ? follow the Document, we need change the oil in every 6000 KM from the first changing right ?


I owned the Benelli TRK 502. It’s my first big bike. It’s big and heavy when you have to push it. The bike comes with 3 boxes and crash bars on either side as standard equipment, which really helps a lot. The bike had fallen two times but didn’t suffer any scratches to the body. I love this bike, it’s big, very comfortable and the original exhaust note is amazing. Overall this bike is excellent for what it is. It’s not crazy fast but it will happily cruise all day at 120kmph. As for me 90 to 100kmph is what… Read more »