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Benelli TNT 135 SE 2020

    Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has announced the latest colour for Benelli TNT 135SE 2020 today.

    Striking green being the latest colour choice comes with two different variations that look more attractive and stylish.

    As it is known, Benelli TNT135 SE now comes with a very attractive design. Equip with large capacity motorcycle features even though it is small in terms of sizes It has a height of 1,025mm and a length of 1,750m m making this motorcycle doesn’t seems small at all and comparable to other motorcycles.

    Benelli TNT 135 SE 2020 Priced At RM10,088

    The Details

    The 135cc four stroke engine is also powered by a fuel injection engine that complies with the EURO 4 emissions standard. With this engine power, Benelli TNT135SE is capable of producing 13 horsepower at 9000 rpm.

    In addition, Benelli TNT135 maintains a 7.2 liter tank and is a motorcycle with a larger fuel tank compared to the kapchai motorcycle. Aerodynamic size and design can also help to ease riders riding around. The model also features a 41mm inverted push up that is also used by Benelli’s large capacity motorcycle model.

    Future owner of Benelli TNT135 would be lucky because this motorcycle equip with new button and complete panel meter as high capacity motorcycle including LED headlamp which is bright enough. The new version now comes with a 220mm disc brake system with two pistons in the front and 190mm with one piston in the rear to enhance safety features when riding on the road.

    Benelli TNT135SE comes with two editions, the normal and special edition. For the normal edition it is selling at RM8190.00 For the Special Edition, the Benelli TNT135SE selling at RM10, 088.00 including accessories (Excluding insurance and road tax). The latest version will start entering into the local market in the near future and is available at all Benelli distributors throughout Malaysia.

    Benelli TNT 135SE Specifications

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