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Adjusted Handlebars On Hyosung

    Recently, someone asked me whether is there anything can be done to the GT250R / GT650R handlebars as riding in a long journey can be very tiring. I’ve then recommended him to adjust the handlebars to a higher position as that it’s what I’ve done on the first day when I got this bike.

    Why on the first day? I’ve asked around and read online reviews that one may experience fatigue riding this bike. Honestly, the fatigue is mainly due to long hours on the saddle rather than the traffic condition itself. In my honest opinion, bringing up the handlebars above the triple clamp and adjusting the footrest position also improves my ergonomic significantly.

    Note: If you’re looking to do a custom handlebar modification, please refer to the link below:

    Hyosung Custom Windshield & Handlebar

    In General, Hyosung handlebars are placed lower to the fork. It is more towards to have racing seating position. The racer leaning position transition to seem-like-touring-style benefited me significantly in ergonomic and it improves handling (in my own opinion) in slow traffic. Pillion I reckoned would be in better seating position too.

    However, you’ll feel the bike is little unbalance when the wind blast on your chest, say when you’re doing about 150KM/H. If you feel such, just lean forward towards your fuel tank and it should be fine.

    As for the handling in corners and hard braking, it felt just fine and I did not notice any significant difference as with the standard position handlebars. (Based on other GT250R that I’ve ride with standard handlebars)

    The conversion was done by Naza Bikes Service Centre’s technician in Shah Alam and it would cost you only about RM25-RM30. If you wish to adjust your handlebars, I would highly recommend you to find a good bike technician or the service center itself as the bike handlebars are quite fragile, and yes, use caliper for the measurement. You’ve been warned 🙂

    Also, you may also want to drill holes at the triple clamp from the top so that you can screw the handle bars to it once the conversion is made.  This is just to ensure the handlebars stays there firmly on a permanent basis.

    Below are the images of before and after the handlebars conversion was done.

    Before Conversion

    *Image credited to

    After Conversion

    *Image credited to

    Important: I would also suggest you to relocate your brake hose near to the throttle. One of my friend who did this conversion paid the price when his brake cable broke at the triple clamp. See the image below:

    The solution is, once you’ve adjusted the handle above the triple clamp, you will need to relocate the brake cable somewhere near to the throttle and this will lessen the stress on the brake hose. See the image below:

    Here is the video of my handlebars. As you can see, the handlebars didn’t hit the windshield.

    If you have any questions, drop them at the comment box below and feel free to share this article via the social buttons.

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    Hi Chris. I have already adjusted my handle bar just like you did. I did it Naza SC Shah Alam. However, after adjusting, my bike starting to wobble at the front when the speed is reaching 170km/h. I have told my friend about this and he asked me whether the mechanic use caliper when adjusting the handle bar to make sure measurement on both side is the same? Well, my answer is no. He just use his eyes only. My friend said that he should be using the caliper and when the measurement on the both side is not equal,… Read more »


    okay im done with back ache, where is the service center

    Hazim Habush

    what if i adjust the handle bar without the dogbone can i do that is safe or it will effect ?

    Hazim Habush

    When you adjust the height there is something called dogbone to make the bike higher or lower you adjust the handle bar and dogbone located down near to chain to I have to adjust that too or just the handle bar?

    Hazim Habush

    The previous owner made the bike lower he changed the dogbone n the handle bar, now I want to make it as normal do I need to change the dogbone again when I change the handle bar hight?

    Hazim Habush

    Awesome thank you for replying it help alot


    For better look and proper balance of the position of handlebar just switch between left and right and switch position up and down. Drill through the screw hole that hold the handle bar down the handle pad. Made new tread and use the original screw to hole the handle from the top. This will make sure the handle well balance and will stay there permenently.
    For better naked feel ride just change the side mirror with the naked one.

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