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2014 Hyosung GT250R Stock Exhaust

This is the standard 2014 Hyosung GT250R Stock Exhaust.  Below are the differences compare to the older ones i.e. 2013.

1. Lightweight
2. Euro specs (Quiter than the older one)
3. Better Fuel consumption (FC)

The front look of the new muffler.

The details on the muffler.

Below is the video of my bike with the new muffler. Don’t expect much, it is just a standard stock muffler 🙂

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How much does this new stock exhaust weight?


Because I was trying to understand if the benefits of having an aftermarket exhaust (like your TwoBrothers) would compensate the investment made, in terms of weight and power.


Hi Chris,

yes, I know it is lighter. I was just trying to understand if the weight loss was that significant, because the power output I already know it was 1.5bhp, since you mentioned that this new stock exhaust is lightier than the former stock one.